cooktop cabinet - angled posts on sides, or just pull out

seosmpApril 23, 2013


My original plan for my cooktop / oven cabinet was to have angled posts on the sides (so cabinet would be pulled out 3 inches and there would be half posts angled on the sides). See the attached picture at the end of this post. Long story, but it turns out the post I wanted was 4.5" wide, and the cabinetmaker will have to do some finagling to get this to work (I don't like the look of narrower posts). He can get it to work, but I'm now rethinking this.

My Plan B was to just pull the cooktop / oven cabinet out 3 inches (no posts on the sides), and then use decorative baseboard trim on the bottom (furniture look) - like this pic below (which is my newest favorite kitchen). Counter would have a soft right angle instead of angle.

I will not have posts anywhere else in the kitchen (I don't want to take up legroom for the island seating). I was thinking I could do the furniture look on all end panels and the sink cabinet as well (which won't really be pulled out but will have a stainless apron front sink). I already planned some kind of decorative baseboard/feet on the island.

What do you think would look better? I don't see a lot of angled posts, so this must not be very popular.

Pictures always help too! :)


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Well, the posts are extra fluff that eats potential storage space, will be a pain to clean and will run up the cost of the cabinets...if any of that matters to you.

The furniture base eliminates any toe kick area which may or may not be a problem. I have a Wolf rangetop and could easily do without toe kick space because of the large bullnose on the front of the cooker. OTOH, I had a gas range with no toekick area...the base extended all the way to the floor, and I found that to be a pain. I was always having to clean toe stub marks off of it.

The extra detail of the furniture base means there are more intricate little nooks & crannies to be cleaned (down on your hands & knees) and cooker space is messy space.

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Thanks for the input! You are assuming I would clean the intricate nooks :).

I definitely need something that pretties it up - I wouldn't do a full furniture base - just the edges. I wonder if that is something that could be removed later, if it becomes irritating. I guess I could ask the cabinetmaker.

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