Cracked and going back

Whit461April 26, 2013

When the installers of our marble counters came out, they were great and it is beautiful. We made a decision and asked them to add marble to a backsplash on one wall and on a desk area we built in a recess. No worries. About $700.

After delaying because they original remnants were too pitted to use, they installed today while I was at work. MIL was here. The backsplash is 3cm thick, not the 2cm requested, but worst is the desk that has a crack 3/4 the way across the middle. Looks like adhesive on bottom side, where the crack goes all the way through.

Called HD KD sent her email pics. Don't like. Don't want. Not what I ordered. So I am sitting here with my Dark and Stormy, calming down while DW roasts veggies in the Advantium and bakes salmon on cedar plank in our GE DF range...

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Put a coaster under that glass, bottle and can! Dark and Stormys (or is it stormies?) are delicious.

Good luck with the marble.

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Wit461-so sorry to hear. Your marble looks gorgeous and the D&S sounds lovely. Can you post pictures of the BS so we can commiserate? Best, oldbat2be

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