Add transom within existing door frame

templemorrisJune 21, 2011

Hi everyone,

My sister has 8' tall doors in rooms with 9'6" ceilings. She doesn't like the feel of these doors (too tall), and would like to install transom windows on the top part of the existing door frame, and replace the 8' doors with 6'8" doors.

The transoms would be just be fixed panes of glass, very simply framed.

She's thinking that she could just have her handyman install a 2x4 across the frame, then install a plain pane of glass with minimal framing. The the new 6'8" doors would be installed below.

What she's trying to avoid is reframing all the doors. Anyway, will this work? If so, any thoughts on how to do it well?

Thanks so much,


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Doable, but it takes a little more than adding a 2x4.

The least expensive way is to remove the old door and frame, add the necessary framing for a new door and window, install the new glass, and a prehung door assembly.

The glass will need to be thicker than normal window glass since the door opening and closing will stress it. Probably 3/16" tempered glass. A good glass company should know.

It could be done by removing the old door and frame and rework the old frame. But the labor involved would be far more than installing a new prehung.

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