Dark Cabinets- what floor color?

sherrizApril 22, 2010

I'm planning on an Espresso or chocolate colored shaker rift White Oak cabinets with Bianco Antico granite. I am practically paralyzed as to what color stain to put on my 2" oak floors. I know that the darker I go, the kitchen could end up being overall too dark. The kitchen will have a lot of light from windows and skylights. The kitchen floor is the same floor throughout the house so whatever I end up in the kitchen will set the color theme for the rest of the house. I prefer not to go too light.

What do you recommend and can anyone post pictures?

Thanks so much

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we went with alfa lux grey tile

href="http://s919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/rufinorox/?action=view&current=010-5.jpg"; target="_blank">

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Here are some ideas, maybe they can help you visualize
your own space. Most are not Bianco but you can pretend
while looking at the floors.

NKBA winner



Ocean 6

Wendy's favorite things

This is not Bianco but you can see how pretty
the floors are.

Google Custom Kitchens

This is not wood but you can see the contrast

Tampa Kitchen and Bath Designers

These are marble counters but at least you can see
how lovely the dark floors and dark cabs can look

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I have Minwax English Chestnut on my red oak floors. I like it, but I like English Chestnut even more on white oak floors.

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We have med/dark cherry cabinets and bianco antico granite. Our red oak floors were stained chestnut (from Sherwin Williams) and they look great with the darker cabinets. We are still mid-renvo, but I'll try to get some pictures posted tomorrow for you.

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Personally I would not stain the oak, and get it finished naturally.

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@mom2reese--where did you get that amazing light fixture?!

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