Nessentials horse hair broom

msroseApril 17, 2014

For those of you that ordered one, did you get the varnished or unvarnished boom handle? Is it just a matter of visual preference or is one better than the other? I wondered if the varnished one might be more slippery in your hands? Maybe there are some benefits to being varished though.

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I gave in to the hype and ordered the split horsehair broom and varnished handle. I might be the only one saying this, but I really don't feel that it is all that great. My cheap OCedar does a better job! As far as the slippery aspect, I haven't noticed that to be the case.

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Uh oh! I'm having second thoughts now. Thanks for letting me know.

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I love mine. It's especially good for picking up fine dust. I broke a glass & picked up my old broom & dustpan. Lots of stuff not picked up. I got the split horsehair broom out & it picked up literally everything. If you use a broom regularly, i think it's worth the cost. It makes sweeping more pleasurable.

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Thanks for your input also, romy. I don't normally use a broom, but I just got hardwoods for the first time. I have a bona duster/mop and my mother got me a huge (24") dust mop. They're great for dusting, but don't pick up the pieces of grass and other things from outside that my dogs track in. I usually end up vacuuming and then dusting. I wondering if a broom would be the answer. The duster my mom gave me takes just a few minutes to do all the floors, because it covers so much at once, but it still doesn't pick up everything.

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We have the Bona mop too (actually we also have a similar Rubbermaid version that I like better because it's even wider). We sweep first (ours is a boar bristle natural broom) to pick up dust and larger pieces and then mop. Works well (and who knew I could fall in love with a broom?).

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After the monster thread, I got the varnished horeshair broom and wasn't really thrilled with it. I really didn't like the shape of the wooden part of the broom head--I kept hitting the walls with it. I also felt that the horsehair needed constant combing, which just spread dust further. I gave it to my mother, got myself a Dyson DC35 and have never looked back. I wouldn't trade that vacuum for any broom (for the inside, anyway).

Here is a link that might be useful: Battery powered Dysons

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We have the Bona too but for everyday dusting nothing can beat the Swiffer. It picks up corgi fur like a dream!

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clemsonian - You had me until I saw the price :)

jerzeegirl - Why do you use the Bona at all if you like the Swiffer better?

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I use the Bona giant pad for cleaning the floor (with the Bona wood floor cleaner) and the dry Swiffer for day to day dusting. I buy Swiffers by the cart load at Costco because my dogs shed a lot.

I do tend to buy lots of cleaning supplies because I know one day I am going to find the miracle product that cleans without my participation!

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jerzeegirl - There's a Bona pad bigger than the standard one? Where did you find it? Have you ever noticed if the Swiffer picks up things from outside that the dogs bring in? If you find that miracle product, please let us know :) I'm so glad to be rid of my carpet, but I only had to vacuum before, so I don't like having to do two or three things to clean my floors now.

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I posted a link to the Bona pad we use (although our looks slightly different). It was actually given to us by the floor installation company after our floors were installed which a giant container of Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner. We were told to spray a little on the pad and then pass it over the floors. Takes forever but the floors always look great after they are cleaned.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bona pad

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clemsonian, you must not have seen the broom with the ends that curl up--no wooden ends to hit the wall.

I have this one AND the one from Nessentials--like them both, and I never thought I'd say that about brooms!

Here is a link that might be useful: gondoletta broom

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