Ballpark sq.ft. cost for adding family room

onthegoJune 28, 2007

If the cost is not unreasonable, I'm hoping to add a family room off of our current kitchen/keeping room area. Our house is a 1 story and we're located in n. california. It would involve tearing out the wall with the real brick fireplace & chimney. I'd want the new room to be level with the kitchen (no step down)- so a foundation would have to be dug. I wouldn't be installing any plumbing features like barsink - so there would only be electrical and an extension of a gasline about 12-14' for a new gas fireplace. Realize that quality & # of windows affect pricing. Wondered if anyone can give me a ballpark estimate of building a basic room like this. I was also wondering, to cut costs, if this room could be connected to the house via a 2-3' extension (so it would be like a stand alone room but attached), rather than having to open up the tile roof of the house to add on (not sure if I'm explaining this clearly). The addition would be at the back of the house. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Added a 20'x14'addition onto the kitchen for a dining area. One heat run and normal electric. No gas line and went 42" down for the footings,
It connected to the house on a previous 4' addition.

Less than $10,000.

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where do you live and did you do ALL the work yourself?? This is the cheapest I've EVER heard of adding on space. Details about it, please?

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Thanks me hope that the addition I want to do will be affordable....thinking of something the same size as the one you did. Like Happymary45, I'd love to know when you did then, what part of the country you are in and was it a finished product or did you do some work yourselves. Thanks for responding.

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I don't see how anyone could even do it for 10K worth of materials. 10 years ago we built our shop which is 30 x 54 and it cost 30K in materials, with us doing all of the labor ourselves except the concrete pour. Admittedly, we used 2x6 construction with 10' ceilings, but that doesn't increase the materials cost that much. The HVAC for it only cost 3K, but we DIYed *everything*. Contractors wanted 100K + for the same job with the same specs. With the increase in materials and labor, today it'd probably cost twice that or more. And this was a completely separate addition, with none of the hassles of cobining the new with the old.

It's virtually impossible to give you an estimate with the scarce information you've provided. Location will the determining factor in most of the prices you receive, and the construction difficulty will be the second most determinate factor. You mention a tile roof, which isn't that easy to tie into, and is also common in the higher labor cost markets of Florida and California. The only ballpark estimate that anyone on an internet forum could give you is to take a look at the cost of new construction in your area and see what the average dollar per square footage is for that and then double to triple it for a contractor purchased turn key addition.

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we're in the Washington DC area and planning a major first floor remodel including expanding our family room. The sq ft price seems to be $250-ish. The whole project was just priced at $275k (including a major kitchen remodel). That was much more than we thought - we had figured on $220-ish.

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Our addition was started just before Katrina hit. OSB, drywall and lumber was about double what it is now. $12 for 1/2" OSB then and lately advertised at under $6.

Built the whole thing myself including digging out for the footings and foundation, shovel, wheelbarrow and pickax. Built my own trusses. Son and son-in-law helped raise the walls which I built on the ground and helped pickup and install french patio doors.

Largest cost single items were the french door, $1000, four Pella windows, $700, And a laminate floor at $250.

Total time took about 8 months, but we had a party in there after 4 months. Tarp still on the floor, desk light nailed up with extension cord. We had a great time.

This is in southwest Michigan. Had 2' of snow in December but the roof was covered completely with ice and water shield. Then January was warm, 45 to 50 degrees and I put the shingles on.

All inspections, two electrical and 3 building, were passed the first time around. Never saw an inspector till the last time, they just stuck a green sticker on the building permit.

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Additionally, walls are 2x4 with plywood, housewrap and 1" t&g insulating foam boards on the outside finished with vinyl siding.
The inside is 1/2" OSB with 1/2" drywall. I hate to look for a stud to hang anything on the wall.

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You don't mention who will be doing this work. Separating the structures will not save money, it will add to the cost. In California with a contractor, I see $45-50K minimum. No one on the planet will do this for 10K, not even your father. The material alone will be more.

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thanks everyone for your input....has given me an idea of what I might expect. Would have done this several years ago, but could not find a contractor in the area who was doing remodeling....the new construction was so much more profitable and probably less problematic. Now that construction has slowed, I'm hoping I'll at least get some callbacks! Ron6519-thanks for straightening me out about how the separate structure doesn't save $ and hendricus..sounds like a great job you did - great to have those skills! Thanks all.

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glad i found you guys. want to add a master off of the kitchen. can do a lot myself, but need to add basement space under it. Going to be a PAIN. Might just do the footer thing for much of it. something to think about.

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Good info here. I want to build a small 15' x 15' bedroom off of the back of my small 26' x 26' one bedroom house. Current is single story low pitch 5/12 roof so to make the tie-in easier and to keep my costs down, I'm considering a short 4' hallway between the 2 strucures (old and new). I have a really deep city lot (180'), so plenty of land in my backyard. I've been told I need drawings to get bids on the cement foundation (perimeter). Any websites to recommend for basic plans for the box I want to build?

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