Busy backsplash, what kind of counter?

aimless07June 18, 2014

I found this backsplash a couple of days ago, and I love it. It has more brown than what I thought I wanted. I was originally wanting a granite that was white and gray with some beige and brown. With this backsplash, a creamier color might be called for. But, I don't want the granite and backsplash competing for my visual attention. I wonder if I could do a quartz counter where the backsplash is and than a busier granite for the island? It will be a huge island. Or can I find a granite that doesn't have as much movement that compliments this backsplash?

There is also another backsplash with the same type look and pattern but its all silver and gray so it isn't as busy as what I posted. I would consider that as well. That was the original color scheme that I wanted. It's just the multi-colored backsplash was "talking to me."

Someone suggested to me not finalizing backsplash until the granite was installed. I am not sure about that though. I want to have a plan, you know?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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The kitchen forum will give you more/faster/better answers than here.

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With a busy backsplash like that, you will need a quiet countertop. I would suggest a solid-reading quartz counter over granite.

If you love that backsplash, or any busier tile, in my opinion it would be a mistake to pick a granite now and wait until later for the backsplash. Most granites are quite or at least somewhat busy, and will limit your tile selection. It will likely work better if you find a tile and a counter that work together before you place an order for either component.

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