Costs in NYC?

NYC_GalJune 23, 2011

We just started planning our small kitchen remodelling. We only need to change one side of the kitchen : put in new stove top, a speed oven in bottom, hood, remove & put in new counter top & cabinets & fridge. Will need some electrical work.

We talked with one designer at those kitchen & bath store. He guessimated it to be ~20K for just labor for the stuff listed above. Doesn't this sound high or normal? We are not gutting the whole thing, and I thought it would be much less.

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Doesn't sound too out of line for your location. You live in one of the most red tape encumbered and highest labor markets that exist in the US. Just about any construction project will be two to three times the cost that it would be somewhere else. Especially if this is a multi family dwelling and/or a high rise.

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Do you really need the services of a kitchen designer? Your best bet would be to get estimates from reputable remodel contractors in your area. Check their references and make sure they are licensed, insured and willing to show you projects from the past with satisfied customers. Always get more than one estimate and dont necessarilly go with the lowest bidder, but check each one out thouroughly before signing any contracts. Best if you can get referalls from others who you know who have had similar projects done.

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I have thought about getting a contractor. But the ones I got referral from, I can't tell if they're licensed to install Miele and other higher end appliances. How do I know if their subcontractors are licensed to install specific appliance?

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there is no "license" to install appliances. Well per se anyway. The water and electrical connections should be made by licensed plumbers and electricians, but very often the installer is not licensed in one or both trades. You are probably talking about "certified" which is something all together different. Just make installation of the appliances by a manufacturer's certified contractor part of your contract. This won't really be germain for those appliance co's that don;t have such a program. Most don't have one.

Oh, where am I supposed to park ???

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