Finished Trail Run Quilts

grammypOctober 20, 2012

Here they are, we made 2 of each of these for the trail run.

Half Marathon quilt:

10K quilt:

5K quilt:

Here they are, hanging at the run:

Winners of the 5K quilts. The young man was our youngest runner and had another one to run this afternoon.

Winners of the 10K. The young lady knew she was the first one and raced straight to the line and took hers down.

Winners of the Half Marathon.

The man who won the Half Marathon wasn't going to run, but his wife talked him into it. He was quick and beat her back, so he went to the car and got out a quilt, spread it out in the sun and took a nap while he waited. The quilt police were there and quickly commented on how you should never put a quilt on the ground and he obviously had no idea how much work went into making one. I quickly told her I intended mine to be used in just such a manner. I got a disbelieving look, but that is ok. He was tickled with his quilt and quickly told his wife thanks for talking him into it. He folded it nicely and placed it on the side of the one he was laying on. Hope he gets a lot of use out of it.

Now to grill burgers for DGSs birthday party tonight, then hopefully early to bed.


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They turned out beautifully and made such amazing prizes. You'll be famous now. How are you going to top this next year??

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That is just cool Beverly. I am glad they enjoyed them.


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Great job, Beverly! It is great that the winners were all so thrilled with their prizes. But as Linda asked, How are you going to top that next year???

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They turned out beautiful. I like the way you ended up doing the trees and I love the turtles. How special for the winners! I think I would tempted to take up running if I could win one of those.......or maybe not. LOL

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A work of love for sure. Nothing beats having your work appreciated and by the looks of the smiles on everyones face your a winner!!You did a fantastic creative job!!!Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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Beverly, You did an awesome job on these quilts!!! And, thank you for letting the 'quilt police' know your thoughts! I think we'll all be waiting to see what you come up with next year. Is this something that you and Tim are in charge of every year?????


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Looks like a beautiful day for a race and a beautiful day to Win a Quilt! Congrats to the winners!
You and Tim really showcased this event in a wonderful way.
The quilts are a Forever Prize! They look great hanging and I am sure inspired a few runners to run faster!
This makes it all worth it!

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Beverly, you did a great job on the quilts. I really like the one in the first photo...all those wonderful greens!


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They certainly were great prizes. I love those turtles and am so glad they were appreciated.

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littlehelen_gw much fun to see these quilt unfold to their beautiful end results...,wow what lucky runners. Makes me want to run again! congratulations and thanks for sharing the journey.

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Beautiful quilts! I especially like the turtle! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Best to you,

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I'm so happy I could contribute some half-square triangles to the effort. I love the tree lay-out, as it really lets the individual blocks shine.

They are all wonderful, and the turtle is awesome!

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Thanks so much for your help everyone. The lady from the Forest Service was there and said they would love to have a small one with the pine tree and turtle to hang in the office. Guess that will be next on my hit list.


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Not only was it wonderful of you, but it looks like they really went over big. Congrats!

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Thanks for showing us all those pictures! Your quilts are fantastic and the winners look so happy.

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I loved seeing them in person, the turtle was my fav! Thanks for posting the pics.

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Beverly, what wonderful quilts. And what a tremendous project you undertook. Wow!

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Thanks Beverly for posting the photos of the race day. It must make you feel good that the winners appreciated their prizes. Certainly was good to see the quilts at camp and see the quality of the work .


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