How to find DRYWALL guys, not plasterers?

rahullJune 12, 2014

Does anyone know how I can find drywall professionals in my area? All the ones I've found on craigslist are super busy over the next 2 weeks. I tried Angie's List, but I was only able to find plasterers who only do blueboard/plaster. Then I tried Google, but my search only came up with the "big guys" who only do commercial work.

I would happily do plaster but I can only afford to pay around $1.50 per SF

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Phonebook? (Or the online equivalent)

Here is a link that might be useful: YellowPages

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I'd be nervous to hire someone who was NOT busy for the next 2 weeks. I would expect a talented, reliable professional in the building trades to have work lined up for several weeks.

If someone is talented and reliable, they aren't sitting around waiting for you to call.

Good luck with your project!

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Good point annkh.

At best, you can only get two out of the three.

You need it quick, so you can either pay someone enough so that it's worth their while to drop what they are doing to do your project.
Or find someone who no one else wants to hire.
Not great options. :)

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Hard to believe you can't find local businesses that will do the job. When you say 'big guys that do commercial work', do you mean they consider your job too small?

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How much do you expect to save? Veneer plaster is usually well worth the additional cost. It not only provides a superior finish it is much faster. You're lucky it is available in your area.

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You may not be asking the right question of the commercial drywallers.

Their employees are all individuals, they have slow days, they do side work.
You need to get past the secretary and talk to the superintendent.

Try this as a resource. You can localize your search.

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