Batik and Hand Dyed

fincheloverOctober 5, 2011

I would love to try using these fabrics but now I wonder how much special care would these quilts need. Are they more or less a show quilt or can I use the quilt or everyday usage. I think you can get the prettiest fabric.

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I use batiks all the time and haven't had any problems with them. I think in the 'early days' of batiks there were big issues with bleeding colors but I haven't experienced that. I made a D9P for a 10 year old boy using batiks and I can guarantee it gets washed often! He uses it on his bed, naps with it, takes it in the car on trips, and drags it to the yard for making forts. The dog sleeps on it with him. I used dark colors on his on purpose, but even on other projects I haven't had problems. I'm about to do a log cabin with light & dark batiks and am confident it will be OK.

Some do have a different hand, feeling stiffer or softer, thinner or thicker than others. For a big project I would recommend either ordering them from a major vendor like Hancocks of Paducah, or a major brand like Bali Pops or Tonka Treasures, or I would buy them at a quilt store so I could touch them before buying.

Hope that helps!

Batik Double 9 Patch kid's quilt "A Walk in the Woods":

Lap quilt for a friend's birthday "Crazy for Purple!":

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I use batiks and hand-dyed fabrics more and more. They wash beautifully and can offer so much interest in a quilt when used with other prints/calicos/tonals, etc.

Sometimes a quilt really needs a color, but something with a print would just be too much. Batiks and hand-dyes can really add that dimension without the added distraction (hey, I like that phrase!lol)

Simply, I think they add interest.

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This one is of Bali watercolor batiks (Hancocks of Paducah). It's been washed at least 10 times, with no fading.

I did use a color-catcher sheet the first couple of washings, but there was really no bleeding. This now lives on my guest bed, and is maybe 6 years old.

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I love batiks and hand dyes. I've never had any bleeding with batiks but did with hand dyes. I use the color catchers and they work so well I'm brave now. Did I say I love batiks?

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Since I'm just beginning to quilt, I have no long-term experience with batiks. I can say that I just bought 13 different orange and yellow batiks to make a quilt for my granddaughter. I washed them first, and nothing bled, even though some colors were very vivid. I love working with the tight weave of the batik fabrics. Bias cuts retain their integrity better too.

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That's right, Lois, they don't stretch along the bias very much. The tight weave and lack of stretch have made them kind of a challenge for my hand applique project (which I STILL have not gotten back to) but the colors make it worth the struggle!

On the other hand, you never know WHICH way they are going to stretch which makes them kind of a challenge in regular piece work. I've had some batiks get a little 'pouchy'.

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