Kraus sinks

Supermom74April 10, 2013

I am going to order Kraus sinks for my kitchen. I have read great reviews. Wondering which website has the best deal.
Any suggestions?

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I recently purchased a Kraus KBU21 (30" 60/40) thru They no longer have that particular model on their website, and several other sites have it listed as backordered.

I'm a frequent buyer thru Overstock, and get regular emails for 10~15% off, and purchased when they had a 10% off sale on Kraus.

Timing is everything :)

fyi - I received my sink 2 days after ordering & free shipping

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I bought mine on Amazon. The shipping was free.

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I got my Kraus kitchen sink from faucet but first went through, where signup is free and got a 3 per cent rebate, then got free shipping and no tax from faucet And also got a great price and excellent service, through Received my sink within 3 days.
I love, I use it for many different online companies. Just go through them then search a particular online company, once it comes up it
will show the percent of rebate for that online site, shop as usual and several
times a year you can send for your rebate check. Mrrebates cannot be
combined with any other coupons, and they do have some other stipulations,
but overall it has served me well. I just received a rebate check this month
for over $109, for shopping

I also used for my kitchen faucets and soap dispenser.
Used, same company, for door handles, vent hood, exterior door
locks, and, for all my lights. All the while going through first. I have had great luck with all the different sites, because they are all technically different divisions of

You see I lost my house due to Superstorm Sandy, so I have to rebuild and
replace everything.

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I got my 32-inch Kraus sink (just installed today as a matter of fact) from Express Decor. I bought it during a Black Friday sale plus I found a coupon. I think I got it for about $260 in the end. LOVE the way it looks in the new counter.

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I also bought from Express Decor and was more than happy with them. In addition to the sink, I bought a soap dispenser that had problems. Because we didn't install it right away, not even close, we were past the time frame for ED to take care of the issue. They were really nice on the phone and gave me the number for the manufacturer. The manufacturer sent us a new one. What more could you ask?

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Express Decor here as well. Ordered one of their combos: sink, faucet, soap dispenser, got them faster than I even expected. I had mine integrated into a SS countertop and it "survived" the integration process just fine.

I love the sink. Still learning to handle the faucet as the stream is too strong and I get wet if I am not careful with how much I turn the handle, but I cannot hold it against the faucet, LOL. I didn't think I needed a pull-out spray for a 24" sink and now I wish I got one.

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I also purchased mine from express decor. Good experience. Packaged very well.

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modern life interiors


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That's Chinese metal, it will rust over time.

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I have noticed that express decor has the best deal right now. Better than amazon.

Oceangirl67: Do you have a kraus sink? I have not seen any posts saying that their sinks are rusting.

Thanks for helping!

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Supermom - I ordered through Overstock and also came within 2 days. No rusting on mine after a year!

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Ordered Kraus sink and other items from Faucet Direct. No problems with service or product. No rust yet on my sink, going on 2 years. BTW, any stainless will rust eventually, given the right set of conditions (heat/moisture/corrosive materials). I work in the aerospace industry and have seen a lot of different types of stainless steel rust over the years if handled incorrectly.

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I ordered my Kraus laundry room stainless sink from Amazon. It comes with the drain and sink grid which is nice. Free shipping but I have Prime ship on Amazon not sure if it mattered though.

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Ignore Oceangirl's posts. S/he appears on threads on the Kitchens Forum to make a troll statement and then disappear. GW regulars have learned to ignore him/her and not respond.

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Express Decor says that while they ship to Canada, they aren't responsible for additional charges levied (no problem, used to paying taxes and duty) - but they also mention that 'some' stainless sinks (without being specific as to which 'ones') are subject to a levi equal to 74.5% of the purchase price. Has anyone from Canada ordered from them or have any idea which ss sinks are subject to this charge?

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I bought the sink from aj Madison. It was delivered on Monday with 2 scratches, dent and not quite straight line. Immediately called aj and sent pix. Four days later after being told they would get back to me before the end of the day several times, the issue is still not resolved. My remodel is starting on Monday. I have no sink nor can i get another until I get an answer. i hope this is not setting the stage for my remodel.

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I went with Amazon because of their excellent customer service. I knew they would remedy any problems (of which there were none) without hassle. Free shipping, too.

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Bought mine from our local plumbing supplies shop. It's amazing, love everything about it. I don't know how I lived with the small sink before :-)

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