Leather Absolute black sample is etching

barista9April 13, 2014

I'm a bit bummed. We had finally decided on our countertops, found a fair price, brought a sample home and all.
Other sample I brought from this place (Kashmir) went through my lemon juice / oil tests fine. To my surprise, the leathered AB sample shows dull marks where I drop lime juice.

Since I cannot get a hold of the supplier today, I tried cleaning a part of the sample with paint solvent and re-did the test, no difference. The stone doesn't appear to have been dyed, left some oil overnight and all was fine. It is just the marks left by the juice.. What can I do, any other tests? How should I best approach the supplier about this?

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Maybe the AB was sealed and what is coming off is the sealer? AB is very hard and the sealer might be sitting on the surface since it cannot penetrate the stone.

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There's not much you can say other than "No thanks, this stone will be problematic."
It doesn't appear in the pic to be an etch, an etch will leave a light spot were a stain will leave a darker spot. In the pic it looks like it left a darker spot.

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for some reason, the picture shows the spot darker while in reality it is more grey dull looking.

I talked to the fabricator today, he said the slab may have been sealed by their supplier, but he was still planing to seal it with a Dupont product. He wants to do a test after putting his product on a sample... strange...

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A little off topic; I just wanted to know what were the factors that led you to decide on the leathered texture?

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We just prefer the look of the matte black granite over polished for the kitchen. A lot of people do honed black, or soapstone, leathered black is an alternative that is supposedly easier for maintenance.

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