Sad news re Pierre Deux and my bedroom!

carinrJune 23, 2011

Remember the perfect fabric I'd found for my Wedgwood blue bedroom? Well, it's back to the drawing board. I got a call today from the manager of my local Pierre Deux store. She called me from home. One of the company's owners came into the store today, told the employees they were bankrupt, and locked them out of the store. I hadn't placed an order yet, but my mom had just ordered many hundreds of dollars' worth of fabric to recover her sofa, so she's on the phone now to her credit card company. A sad day all around! If only I hadn't returned that large sample yesterday afternoon, I'd have had enough for a blind! If you know anyone with outstanding orders from PD, please let them know what's up, and if you have any suggestions for a replacement fabric for that fabulous Favenay Yellow, please let me know!

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Oh for Pete's sake, talk about timing!! That is horrible I feel terrible that you'll have to find something else, but I feel even worse for the now unemployed people who worked there. I'm sure you're Mom will be able to recover her funds, and hopefully you'll find something closely similar.

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What's funny is that the 800 number is disconnected but they are still taking orders online...

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Lukkiirish, I know! Usually with a bankruptcy situation with a large company, it seems like the employees at least have some notice. I worry about people who might be lured into placing online orders. Meanwhile, it looks like the same scene played out in Charleston today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charleston Pierre Deux store shut

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We had a similar situation here with the company we bought our granite from. They were taking orders until the day before and pocketed the money of anyone who paid cash. It was a week before Christmas and none of the employees got paid. Awful, really really awful

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That's such a sleazy thing for them to do, how terrible for all those caught unaware.

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Well....Pierre Deux didn't mill the fabric....someone made it and chances are are looking to get rid of a large amount....start looking! Likely the on line discount suppliers.
Linda C

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Linda, very true and good idea. I will be alert for liquidation sales. Any particular sources that you particularly like for remaindered fabrics?

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That is sad. Unfortunately it happens a lot where employees are the last to know. They come to work completely unaware and they find out along with the customers ...doors locked and a sign saying out of business.

When the auto dealerships were going under left and right there was a story on the local news about one that didn't inform anyone...not the mechanics, the sales staff or the customers. Employees showed up for work as well as customers who had appointments for auto service, all found out together that the business would never open again. Really stinks the way they screw their own employees, some who worked there many years.

I liked PD because of the french country theme. Bummed they are having trouble but I'm not surprised given this economy and their high prices. Their merchandise didn't seem to change, it was a lot of the same thing year after year. Beautiful store, loved going there whenever I was in SF.

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I'm not surprised, either, in the great scheme of things. But you know, I do think there's something to be said for a store with a stable range of products - a place where you can say, "Pierre Deux will have that," and go, and there it is. Pierre Deux will have something in THAT color, or they will always have a range of borders to complement their small-scale florals, or they will always have a Bonis Blue handbag (though they'd just discontinued that signature fabric this year!). Sort of like, back when Laura Ashley herself was still alive, you could imagine a certain chintz and go there and know you'd find it. Or chinos and jeans at the Gap, or simple leather handbags at Coach, in days of yore. I know this isn't fashionable retailing, but it really serves a purpose and I'm sad it's not economically viable. It does seem like that kind of dependable provision of familiar goods of known quality is a good niche for online sales, rather than for boutiques in very-high-rent areas, but that's obviously been a hard transition to make.

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Kravet has a similar fabric in their Pierre Deux collection as does Vervain in the Charles
Faudree collection. Both Kravet and Vervain have online web sites.

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Thanks, dezinindeb! Do you know the name of the Kravet PD fabric? I spent hours last night combing Kravet's site and couldn't find it. Off to check the Vervain site... (I am getting a bit obsessive about this!)

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Sorry to all my fellow PD friends that I did not have
a chance to say good bye.

best of luck, and good health to you all.


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Sad indeed. It was a great brand- beautiful look and
amazing loyal following of PD fans. Sorry to see the
whole brand gone.
Goodbye all, and to you too David!
Busy/ Chicago

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I, too, went to PD today to get my Favanay wallpaper for the bottom half of my dining room. SO SAD! I'm also thinking about the employees. Hopefully they'll find jobs somewhere. Too bad, I'd only recently discovered the store & was really enjoying their stuff. Thankfully I did get my hall wallpaper before the lock out!

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The same thing happened to me some time ago when I placed an order for furniture from one of those North Carolina furniture companies that were always advertising in the back of magazines a few years back. NC used to be the furniture capitol of the world until even they went to China, what is our country going to come to with everyone running to China to manufacture? There is simply no control or loyalty, you have no idea who you are working with and yes this company took orders up to the day they locked their doors and kept the money until a class action suit got us a couple of hundred dollars back a fraction... The lawyers got the bulk of the money. I figured PD were in trouble, they have been closing stores for some years. When the French Country era passed it really did them in. It was so hot in the 90's though they have other things, that was their bread and butter line for sure. So sorry, hope your mom gets her money back and that the employees find other employment. Boo very sad..

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ALWAYS buy furniture and such with a credit card. Always. Then one has recourse when such things happen. Hope you find your fabric elsewhere!

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One trusts....but learns the hard way, in my case at least...

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Found a small news article on pierre deux declaring Chapter 7. Included was a list of textile suppliers:

'According to the filing, unsecured supplier creditors and their claims include Nourison Inds., $123,354; Motif Designs, $64,970; Highland House, $52,605; Kai Wi Kreations, $37,888; French Market Collection, $37,212 and Dessau Home, $34,353. French supplier claims include Tissus D'Avesnieres, $205,431; and Tissages de Gravigny, $101,724.'

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: pierre deux article

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After I saw this post on GW I called my closest PD store to see if they were closing as well and no one answered the phone. So I called the Carmel store and their "mailbox" was full, not accepting messages. Tried the 800 corporate number with same result. Don't know what's going on at these stores because I can't reach anyone by phone. Surely they haven't sold all their merchandise. Will they have a big sale or leave everything for the creditors to take away? Wish I knew. Don't want to trek up to SF in person to find out.

French Country isn't "in style" right now so this isn't surprising. I still love it regardless and am happy I got my french country furniture when I did. You'll always be able to buy toile fabric at any fabric store. I loved the ambiance of PD, it was one of my favorite stores. Such a warm and inviting style to decorate with.

Just heard yesterday on the radio...Borders Books will be the next to close. :(

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FF--they're all closed. You can't reach anyone because there's no one working at any stores or corporate offices. I doubt that there will be a big sale--more likely the stuff will show up in various discount outlets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parent company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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Southernfrenchie, thanks for that info! It looks like Tissus D'Avesnieres is probably the main mill for the PD prints.

In happier news, I chose another fabric for my bedroom window, a very expensive Schumacher, which is making me glad I have only one window and need only two yards :-) Link attached.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pondicherry Azalea

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Love the new fabric selection. I think it will look great in your room!

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I found a company on facebook that uses the same suppliers that Pierre Deux used, and they were able to get me the fabric I had been looking at ordering before the announcement. Thank God I didn't place the order online!
The company is P&D Group, ( I know the P and D are not for Pierre Deux! )
they are in Sierra Madre CA.

Here is a link that might be useful: pdgroupinc

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heard there will be a licquidation sale in NY anyoe know if there is
any truth to that?

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I have most likely lost close to $10,000 on a furniture order I placed on custom upholstered furniture and casegoods to furnish an entire room with Pierre Deux items. I put my deposit for the items on my AmEx card. When I received the Bankruptcy notice in the mail, it didn't mention the name, "Pierre Deux." It mentioned a name I didn't recognize in Secaucus, NJ. When intuition told me it could be Pierre Deux, I quickly notified AmEx, who credited my account, but only until they "investigate" what's going on. One of the terms in an incident such as this is that the transaction must have taken place no longer than 60 days prior to the Bankruptcy. In Chapter 7, no customers are reimbursed. Only creditors who made the goods sold by the comnpany declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy receive payment, and it will be a fraction of what they're owed. In fact, the legal notice I received regarding the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stated that I should NOT file a claim. I don't know what will ultimately happen with the money I paid to Pierre Deux through AmEx, but suspect that I will lose it all. Every Pierre Deux store is closed. I don't know how it cannot be considered fraudulent to continue to take orders online, unless the Pierre Deux online "store" is a separate legal entity from the bricks-and-mortar stores. It's infuriating. I was expecting delivery of an entire room of furniture, casegoods and accessories and instead, I received their bankruptcy notice stating that they had debts totaling over $150,000,000 and assets of $10,000,000. Didn't their Chief Financial Officer see the dispararity, or was this a case of putting blinders on and bailing out quickly.? Everything in the stores and in stock will be liquidated to pay the companies who produced the products sold by Pierre Deux.I'm an interior designer and did a great deal of business with Pierre Deux. I went to another, larger furniture provider to purchase replacements for the Pierre Deux furniture I have probably paid for but will never see. Lesson: Be VERY careful before putting a deposit on anything you order. Many businesses are failing.It's truly unfortunate for the employees, unfortunate for the suppliers, and quite a shock for loyal customers.

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hdirwin. I hope you get your money back. Even if you do, the time, effort and pouring over the choices you made is lost and must be done again. I am just so sorry this happened to you.

I'd be interested to know if AmEx is able to make this workout for you in the end. If you can let us know. I have had them help me before with a refrigerator I bought at B____sMart. It broke down the first couple of days we had it and we thought the store would simply replace it. They refused and told me to call the manufacturer and that it was my fault for not buying their extended warranty plan so I was SOL. Ext warranty after a few days....what? Back and forth, several repairmen here saying they couldn't fix it advised me to choose a different one. In spite of this the store still refused. I finally called AmEx and they got us a new refrigerator pronto. Complete attitude adjustment on behalf of the salesman. It got done but it was an awful experience. I will never buy anything from this shyster company again. I resent the $150 yearly fee AmEx charges us to use their card but have found it worth it when crunch time arrives. Also make that back with the skymiles that I use every time I get enough. We pay it off every month which is another great incentive to have this card, it forces you to do that, lol I don't think you HAVE to these days but we have had it for 15 years and up till recently one did. I hope they continue to go to bat for their loyal customers the way they did for me. Wishing you all the best.

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I've just come from a sale at the Pierre Deux showroom in the D&D buiding at 979 Third Avenue in Manhattan (First Floor). They have fabric panels (only) for 50% off, (say they cannot order fabric) furniture, accessories, pewter, crystal, etc. If you can go, go soon, things are going fast. I think someone said the sale started on Tuesday. Good luck! Linda

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