metal interior door jambs - removing & reusing

homeboundJune 19, 2006

How does one remove (without destroying) interior metal door frames/jambs?

I haven't put a blade to the stops yet, but I'm wondering if the stops conceal the screws or are they fastened some other way. (So far it all looks like one piece.) Thanks.

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The door jambs I'm familiar with.....(generally used in commercial/apartment projects).......fasten to the narrow EDGE of framing members rather than the broad FACE of the framing as with wood jambs......basically a U shaped jamb with fasteners thru the legs.........

The steel jambs are stonger/straighter than wood and do not need to be shimmed like wooden jambs.......

IF there's applied casing on the wall surface....remove it and look for fasteners........

IF the units are "plastered" flush (w/o additional casing)......expect the fastener location under the plaster adjacent to the jamb.......

They're also installed structurally during the framing......sandwiching the framing removing them will probably require cutting or removing portions of the framing.......

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I just googled for a visual.....Here's a link to a typical CAD drawing.........

Here is a link that might be useful: Metal Jamb

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Thanks. No additional casing in my case, and I haven't found the fastener heads yet. I think I going to cut some of the wall and then perform some disection.

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Well, in my demo job I found out how they went in. Basically, they were nailed, through brackets, to the framing prior to drywall, three per side at basically same heights as hinges. (This was done in the late 40's, so it was finished with 3/4 wall material.) It's a complete one piece frame, and the wall material butts up against the casing afterward on the install.

Unfortunately the frames were also nailed to the subfloor, which meant I inadvertently pulled up some hardwood.

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