Problem if hood is on tile but chimney on non-tiled wall?

needinfo1April 14, 2013

We are doing a retrofit in our kitchen and installing a venting hood to replace the old downdraft range combo. I want to save the tile on my backsplash (perhaps 3-4 feet above the counter height). We are looking at a probably a flat hood like this Zephyr. Is there enough play in the chimney that we could mount the hood itself on top of our tile and the chimney on the regular wall surface? The entire hood would be placed/mounted on the tile, with the top of the hood at the top of the current tile line (we're taking off the protruding top trim piece), and the chimney would start at the point on the wall where the tiling ends. Or, would this cause problems or look goofy since there would be a 1/4" difference in depth between the two surfaces? We have a regular subway tile for our backsplash so it is regular depth and not at all irregular. Thanks much.

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I think it will look fine stopping the tile at the hood. It's such a strong piece that it won't look out of place to stop the backsplash there. Others might say different. 1/4 inch is so mall of a gap.

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Thanks. My main concern is whether or not having the hood itself mounted on the tile and then having the chimney transition to the lower level surface of the wall would be a problem. Plus, since I posted this we now think we are going to go with a different Zephyr hood that has better mechanical features. This one. And, if we do this hood, the hood would be entirely on the tile with part of the chimney on the tile and then the rest of the chimney on the part of the wall about where the tile ends.

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Are installing yourself? If not, check with your installer and the hood manufacturer. My DH installed ours on all tile but I can imagine it would have been a problem if the wall was only partial tile.

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