Anyone heard of and used Copastone before?

lilymilaApril 8, 2013

I saw some samples of Copa stone at a showroom. They only have a few colors available.

The woman working there told me they are only a little over $600 per slab, much cheaper than the more well known brands. Anyone here used it before? Is it the cheap stuff from China that's not as strong and well made as Caesarstone and Cambria?

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Looks like they may be made in Brazil (or the distributors want us to think so), and only have a few dstributors in Southern CA

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Ah, it make sense, the owner of the showroom was from Brazil and she sources her natural stones directly from Brazil and Italy. I have Caesarstone in the kitchen right now. This is so much cheaper than Caesarstone and I am thinking of using it for vanity since bathroom doesn't get as much abuse as kitchen and I just want a simple white color.

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