How perfect should custom painted cabs be?

SoCalLeighApril 23, 2013

I'm really struggling with this. Our white shaker custom cabinets have been painted multiple times. Not due to our pickiness, but due to multiple shades of what was supposed to be the same shade of white. The good part: They are finally all the same shade.

The bad part: I can see all sorts of imperfections.

I can see scratches from the hardware installation.

I can see pinholes from what I suspect are nail heads.

I can see cracks forming where the different cabinets are joined together.

We have not even signed the last check yet, what is this going to look like in a year?

So my big question is... How perfect are your white painted custom cabs? Am I expecting too much? I do get that they are white and life is going to happen. I was just expecting the scratches and bumps to come from me and not my contractor.

Maybe I'm just suffering remodel fatigue....

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Hi SoCal Leigh! I am wondering who your contractor was as I had the same issues. They looked good from a distance (as yours do in the pic) but upclose they were horrible. I ended up terminating my relationship with my contractor for this and a wide variety of other reasons. I am now in the process of looking for another contractor so if you wouldn't mind sharing who you went with you can email me via my link.

But back to your question, I don't think any of what you are describing is acceptable. I, like you, expected some of that down the road, and caused by me. At installation they should be pretty perfect IMHO.

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I see this all too often.
Cabinets that are to be painted should be done by a finisher and not a house painter. Its takes a higher level of knowledge and skill.They should use a high quality paint, like Fine Paints Of Europe, they should prep the wood properly.

To answer your question, they should look good close up too.

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Are your cabs hand brushed or sprayed?

I would not accept what you describe. My cabs, sprayed with BM Satin Impervo waterborne, were gorgeous. No scratched or nicks or nail holes. I was very impressed.

I hope you can get this resolved!

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