KAW: Macarons!

chiefneilApril 20, 2014

When asked if I like cooking, I always reply, "Not really, but I like eating." Along that vein, I've taken a liking to macarons lately, but they range from $1.50 - $5 each for a little 1'' cookie! So I decided to make my own darn cookies!

I'm not much of a baker, but I dove in anyway and got lucky with some perfect batches. I used two fillings: coffee-flavored french buttercream (with Plugra butter), and chocolate truffle (with E. Guittard chocolate). I also tried Nutella at DD's request, but those were not as ridiculously awesome as the others.

Anyway, 15' of mess over the course of two days to make a couple batches of 1.5'' cookies. But sooooo worth it!

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Those look amazing!
I have to admit, I have never eaten or obviously baked those kind of macarons.

Only the coconut type..which I do love.

Today in my kitchen..I made a triple layer lemon buttermilk cake with cream cheese vanilla bean frosting.

A picture will follow later when we slice it.

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You guys are killing me!

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Bravo! This was your first try at macarons? And you managed to get the trademark "little feet!" - impressive! They look like they came straight from Paris :)

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Thanks amck! It was my first try, but technically three batches. My first batch was nutella, then the buttercream, then the chocolate truffle, over the course of a couple weekends. I think I had beginner's luck, as I made only very slight adjustments to the thickness of the batter to each batch, but they all came out looking like the photos.

Terri, French macarons (pronounced "macaroon") are actually completely different beasts from coconut macaroons. Macarons are made with meringue and almond flour, and have a reputation for being finicky/tricky, like souffles.

Done right, they have a thin crisp but fragile outer shell, and the inner part manages to be both light and chewy, with a slight nutty flavor from the almond flour. Then throw in whatever filling you choose, and the result is a very grown up cookie indeed, as you'd expect from the French :-) Bakeries sell them for around $1.50 - $3 each, although the most expensive I've seen were at Jean Phillipe in Las Vegas for $5 each.

I've dubbed my truffle-filled macarons, "chocarons". They're like a chocolate truffle wrapped in a chewy macaron. Love at first bite :D

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Hmmm...I think it must be illegal, or at least against the rules of this forum, to post such tantalizing, luscious pictures of food you've made, but not give us the recipe!

Please, pretty please? They look wonderful!

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Lol jkom51, ok here's the recipe. It's just a random one I picked after a little googling.

I reduced the sugar a little bit, maybe 5-10%, by using slightly less than a full measure. That's just because I generally find dessert recipes to be too sweet for my personal taste. I also added a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder for a little color and flavor. And I made them about 1.5" instead of 1" because bigger is better, right?

Recipes for the buttercream and chocolate truffles came from Alice Medrich's Cocolat book. We love those two items in my household, but YMMV so just use whatever strikes your fancy for the filling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Macaroon recipe

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Yes, I know the difference... ;)

Here's the cake of the day..

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Those macarons look fantastic--it looks like you've got the touch! I've never made chocolate ones before, but those look delicious. And Terri, that cake looks just beautiful and perfect for spring.

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Yum, that cake looks delicious!

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I wish I knew how to really bake. Have about a 50% success rate at baking amazing things. I am a good cook and love making many different meals, but baking is so different. Essentially it's chemistry and I never was good at that either. Those macarons look lovely. Good for you!!!!

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Wow I haven't tried my hand at macarons - too intimidating. I don't suppose I can email you my mailing address and you can pop some in an envelope for me? ;)
In all seriousness, they look amazing and I'm drooling thinking about the flavor combinations.
The cake looks perfect for a spring evening on the patio!

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