what are you doing this weekend OCT1&2

rosajoe_gwOctober 1, 2011

I never name my quilts but this one is 'bright eyes' lol!!! Why is it that I can look at my quilt again and agin and NOT notice a mistake until I take a pic???

The bottom 2 logs and the 2 units are up side down. Easy fix but that is why I take pics as I go lol!!!! Not pressed yet.


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I like the name and think it fits the quilt.
This weekend, I am replacing the binding on a log cabin that I made for GS1 in 2000. Somehow it frayed terribly.
The Wedding sampler quilt for him and bride was a big hit and is now on the couple's bed.

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Looks good, Rosa! I hear you about mistakes.....some are easy fixes and some are not. lol

I don't know what I'll work on. I just separated a bunch of scraps and found some more when I went to put them away. sigh...... I've kind of hit the wall right now....really did too much today working in the kitchen and putting things back and getting things orderly again. Then I made a cake....might have to take another nap. @:)


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I really like your quilt Rosa! Perfect name- but it only becomes a name if you make the label ~lol~ just made up that rule :~).
I noticed something I would have done differently on a quilt when I posted the pic on here. Not a mistake - just something that would have looked better - and it was in an area that I had struggled with what to do - so I think I am going to start taking pictures, and looking at them later with a fresher perspective.

Nannykins- so happy the newlyweds loved your quilt - I sure did. Your post about the binding fraying is why I use bias double fold.....and its a habit I am doing from the beginning, so I just won't (don't) know any different.

What am I doing this weekend? I absolutely have to get ready to leave Wed for the Retreat. I sat in horrible traffic today (Navy football game) trying to get to the LQS to buy some fabric--then the exit was shut down by Police and I was forced onto the highway going way out of my way in the opposite direction - maybe a bad accident? I don't know. And the weather is bad, and the day is gone....but I got border fabric to prewash and take with me.
Tomorrow, I have to stop sewing, and get ready!!
Weather here is rainy and crummy again or still! so no chance of any yardwork-I would be torn if it was sunny and nice.

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Rosa - I love the color's you chose- very pretty! I tried to make a log cabin one time... it was a disaster. Maybe in another 10 years I will try again because I love them :)

I am trying to get everything out of my veggie garden canned - so far today: 28 pints of 'green' tomato salsa, 11 quarts of 'ripe' tomatoes, 17 pints of cinnamon sweet pickles and 10 acorn & 5 butternut squash froze. I still need to finish picking the rest of the green tomatoes for pies and the cabbage... I gave up on waiting for the first freeze and am going to turn my calves in to finish it off!

I am pretty excited about my 'yard sale' find this morning though. I needed another canning pot and found a pressure cooker from the 1930's! I used it to help with the salsa and it works great :)

Tomorrow, maybe I can relax and get some sewing done LOL

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I love your colors, Rosa.

I'm trying to get ready for retreat. I am also moving into a new sewing room at the same time and must put in baseboards before bringing in the big work tables. I was all packed for retreat and then, while putting things away, found a bunch of fabric FQs I'd forgotten and I pulled out the first project and inserted something entirely new.

Since I fly with one carry on, I am very frugal with my packing and selections of projects. I will have all the necessary tools, but might wear the same outfit for four days if I have to choose.

And, Mary Jo's Fabrics in Gastonia, NC, ships! I can buy all I want and ship home whatever I don't need at camp. What a deal! Last year it arrived the day after I got home and I didn't even have to carry it on the plane. My credit card is groaning right now! But, I really need to get away and it will be hard to sleep this next few days.

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I hope you all have a wonderful productive time at retreat. I know I enjoyed the two I attended here in Ontario. Fun, fellowship and FABRIC!


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Bright Eyes is beautiful! Fresh, cheerful and very pretty!

I finished my niece's dorm quilts tonight - after 1am but once I started doing the hand sewing on the binding I knew I would stay up until it was done. I'm really pleased with this quilt; from start to finish it's been fun. I've never worked with these colors or prints before and it was such a nice change of pace after the last one I did that was mostly dark browns. It's too late to take pictures tonight but I'll do it tomorrow and post them.

Tomorrow I wash the quilt and get it ready to mail out. I'll also be making a couple birthday blocks tomorrow. Maybe I'll even find time to work on the dorm quilt for my nephew. Top is done and the flannel batting is washed and dried. Now it's time to sandwich and start quilting!


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Bright Eyes is a perfect name. I just love brights.

I'm finishing up my packing for the retreat. We won't load the van till tomorrow since we are not leaving till Tuesday now. I can add some projects! Linda, we will have plenty of fabric to make you some clothes if needed, so don't worry. Think I will finish up my B'day blocks, too. And if there is some time left, maybe clean up the floor a bit. It seems there are a bunch of strings and things from somewhere. Can't imagine where they came from.


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Someone take extra clothes for the Toolgranny!!! Ewwwww, but I do understand her dilemma. Her credit card is going to be too hot to handle after being at Mary Jo's so you might need a potholder, too. lol

Marie, I know you're exhausted from putting up all the garden harvest, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment.....been there and done that. @:) But, our fruit celler was cold enough, we didn't have to freeze the acorn squash. With 5 kids and friends and neighbors, it didn't last very long anyway.

I stopped off at the sewing machine last night on the way to bed and made 2 yellow mono blocks. Ok, so maybe mono isn't a good term for it.....gotta find something other than monochromatic...how about, toned....yellow toned. That's more my speak. @:)


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Rosa, Love seeing others creative ideas that need more work. Not mistakes just a twist of fate. "Bright Eyes" will be a lovily addition to your collection.
Sound like retreat has already started, have fun.
I am hopeing to get "Sylvia" together this weekend. I have the rows sewn together, just need a few more setting strips to put on and together they go!!! The borders will be for next week.
I wish I could say it has been fun but I will admit it has been a learning experience. 140-6" blocks, many PP,templets, curved seams, inset seams or instrucions not correct. I am ready for something more relaxing.

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Yea! I finished my birthday blocks FOR THE YEAR!

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Rosajoe.........gonna be a really pretty quilt and I chuckled, because when I am doing some geometric designs, I do the very same thing, take the offending blocks out and re-do them (only to find out I put them back in the same way there were before I took them out). LOL.

Really excited for the gals who are making the retreat. sigh. Maybe someday.

This weekend? It's all over but the shouting. I finished a floor cloth I've been making for our front entryway in a design inspired from an historical floorcloth of that era. It's the first one I've ever made and I'm really satisfied with the results. I suspect I'll make more. It's not quilting, but playing with fabrics. I also layed out the rough draft for a sampler I am going to embroider from an old English nursery rhyme about wash days. I like to keep a project I can work on by hand when I don't want to sneak up to the sewing room. It drives home that pre Queen Victoria, the English weren't so prim and proper and it makes me laugh every time I read it.

I figured it was time to start back into quilting after a few months hiatus. I have two QIPs. One just needs binding made and attached and the other, well each block is finished and I only need to add some sashing and sew the blocks together to at least get the top finished. It's paper pieced and it may take a trip out to be quilted because I learned that one can fall out of love with a quilt, just as easily as they fall in love with it. It's one of those 'what was I thinking"s.

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Rosa, your quilt is beautiful! I love it.

I have been gone almost all weekend! I went to Women of Faith Friday & Saturday in Denver. It was WONDERFUL! Saturday night after I got back I cut a few 5-1/2" squares for the retreat.

Today DH & I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the colors changing & elk bugeling. The aspen trees were incredible - probably the best year for color in our high country in a long time. I am looking forward to the different colors in NC at the retreat!

I plan to cut some more squares for projects tonight & start to get organized. Like Linda, I may be wearing the same clothes (but I will bring clean underwear!) so I have more room for fabric.


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I finished the DWR I have been working on most of the year. Today I went to church in the morning and this afternoon I sorted through some of the projects I have been pushing back till I was done with the DWR.
I would love to go the retreat sometime. We want to hear all about it!
Linda OH

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