Frog at the grocery store

lazypupJune 29, 2012

Talk about an embarrassing moment

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That frog. You can't take him anywhere!!!

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Junebugs are a premium delicacy. They can't be purchased, just anywhere you know! Looks like he enjoys shopping.

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And just why did that embarrass you, lazypup? Would Frog have been embarrassed if you'd asked where the Porterhouse Steaks were?

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I find that extremely disturbing! I thought, when Frog opened his Bug Mart, that he was selling FRESH junebugs that he and his "employees" had caught. The idea that he would even consider buying them from a grocery store makes me question his business ethics.

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I sure hope "you" didn't mention looking to buy "frog legs". LOL Poor Frog has probably run out of fresh junebugs and that's why he needs more.

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Wonder what he would do IF he did see froglegs???

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It easy to see that he is a thoroughly modern Frog who likes to ride in shopping carts. But wait, there could be another reason he's corraled in the cart. Just think of the mischief he could get into if allowed loose in the store - just like some kids I see. Also, as long he under the watchful eye of lazupup, there is little likelyhood of a kidnap... err frognapping.

Its a good thing that Frog can't whistle. (He can not, can he?) He could cause a pack of trouble by wolf-whistling at the ladies.

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