The Voice watchers, pick your winner!

alisandeJune 18, 2013

Three of my favorites ended up in the finale, and they all seem like such nice people in addition to being talented. I hope they'll all advance in their careers because of this exposure. In fact, if American Idol is any indication, the ones who don't win might end up doing better than the winner.

Danielle Bradbury, utterly adorable, with that perfect, effortless voice, will surely get snatched up by Nashville. I hope so. But she's 16, and her blind audition was the first time she'd sung on a stage. She hasn't had a chance to put in the work the others have, and I'd hate to see her have to deal with the "too much, too soon" phenomenon that often afflicts young stars. So I hope she doesn't win.

I'd like to see the Swon Brothers or Michelle Chamuel experience the thrill of winning. Both have been plugging away at their singing careers for some time. I think both are more entertaining than Danielle, but in completely different ways. My personal choice is Michelle. I'm riveted to every one of her performances. What she does is so unique, and takes so much talent and ability. Her interpretations have made me appreciate songs I never noticed before.

Who are you hoping to see win?

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Like you, I am rooting for Michelle, but I think Danielle will have more votes and win, both are special for different reasons. I love to watch Michelle perform and she touches me since she puts so much heart in her interpretations.

I think Danielle will be as big as Carrie Underwood as far as her career goes, she has the looks and the voice, but it will depend on how her personality develops into a more mature woman.

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Susan, I am so torn who I want to see win. I love them all.
The Swon brothers' harmony is such a joy to listen to and they are pitch perfect. Not to mention the hot factor of the blond!! :)

Like you I like watching Michelle. I love the power in her voice, when she moves around the stage, and especially when she sings while kneeling and then back up.

I love country and am leaning towards the Swon brothers.

But whoever wins, they will ALL get signed contracts, no doubt.
This season was the best, I think. I liked the woman in the buzz cut last year who sounded just like Melissa Etheridge.

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DH and I aren't crazy about Michelle, but we love Danielle and the Swon Brothers.

I hope the Swon Brothers win! While I think Danielle is the most talented of anyone on the show, her future is there for the taking. She is the next Carrie Underwood! The Swon Brothers seem like such nice guys and sooo talented--both in singing and musical instruments. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them become the opening act for Blake Shelton!

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Michelle! Love her. I don't like Danielle. She is a cookie cutter singer like so many others.

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In this interview, Michelle says she isn't sure why Usher chose the Taylor Swift song for her to sing last night. She says she would have picked "Grenade." I thought the same thing last night. Her rendition of "Grenade" was stunning, and I remember the long, long ovation she received. I wondered if perhaps Usher was hoping to attract some votes from country music fans.....

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I like all of them so it won't be disappointing however it ends.

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While I like Michelle's singing ok, I hate the way she kneels to hit the higher notes. That drives me nuts. Danielle is too young in my opinion. I think she needs to be a kid first. But I think she'll be picked up right away. I personally like the Swon brothers. That's who I am rooting for.

But I predict that Danielle will win mainly because she'll have the youth vote.

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As expected, Danielle won !! I really enjoyed the whole show.

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Loved, Loved Bob Seger!!! He still has it. The Swon Bros were in awe of singing with him.

This is so much better than Idol!! There is no feuding, or back-stabbing. Seeing Adam and Blake kibbitz was hilarious. Everything about this show is classy.

Until this season, I had no idea how great Usher is. I thought he was only a rap star. I really like him a lot. He's a genuinely nice guy and can sing!

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When I first heard they were going to have a 2-hour show to pick one winner, my reaction was . . . um . . . unprintable. But I did enjoy the show. Loved the funny segments, like the one Jasdip mentioned and the bit about Blake using the same coaching techniques as Usher. So funny!

It'll be interesting to see where some of the contestants go from here.

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I liked them all, but thought Danielle was the rightful winner. I totally agree with what others have said that she is the "next Carrie Underwood". Her voice is absolutely stunning. I am not a big country fan, but I really enjoyed the songs and may have to give country a shot!

I loved the hosts and they way they got along and teased each other. Shakira is a gem, and loved the part where they talked about her grasp of the English language. Too funny seeing the others' reactions. Not looking forward to having Christina back.

What did you think about Cher? I was really excited to see her, but I thought she looked awful and that song was incredibly repetitive. If she said "woman's world" one more time I was going to puke. And what the heck was she wearing? It looked like she had a bird on her head and a diaper in her pants.

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I agree with your assessment of Cher. Plus I thought she was lip-synching.

I have a crush on Blake. And Adam. And Usher. And probably Shakira.

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LOL Alisande. Shakira is really funny. I loved the little flag, cowboy hat and the glasses she wore when each one sang.

I too was extremely disappointed with Cher. She certainly was lip-synching, and as usual the music and voice were syntheseized. Horrible outfit......what happened to her sex appeal?? I know she's 67! but still she's known for her body.

I've always liked her over Tina Turner, yet hubby saw TT a few years ago, and she was out-dancing all of her dancers, at 68.

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