Estimate for new front door

akinnairdJune 15, 2014

New to the forum. Hope you can help me out.

We are planning to replace our 70-year-old front door. We got an estimate for a Provia fiberglass door with small glass windows across the top, basic hardware, and a basic aluminum storm door. Including installation the estimate was $5200. This seems high to me. Any thoughts. Thanks.

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It does not seem high to me.

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I just got a quote for a high quality, insulated, fiberglass door and the cost without hardware was $660, and another $600 for the installation. Now this was a slab door without glass, but it was also a non-standard, oversize door (84" tall). An aluminum storm door would have added less than $200, and quality new locks about $150. So that's a total of less than $1600...installed. You're describing a somewhat fancier door with a couple of windows, but that shouldn't add another $3600 to the price! Provia is a quality door, but it's still just a door, and they are wildly over-priced in my opinion. I think you should get more quotes from other reliable door companies.

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I just had Provia steel double french doors with grilles and basic hardware installed in the back of the house, $4900 (included enlarging the opening).

Fiberglass is more expensive.,

Provia is top of the line but you get what you pay for.

The only way to see if your price is fair is to get another Provia estimate, apples to apples for the same product. Your estimates will probably be within a few hundred dollars of each other.

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Unfortunately kudzu $650 is in no way shape or form going to purchase a "high quality" exterior door of any type.

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All I can tell you is that is the quote I got from what I consider to be the best door specialty store in Seattle. I know it would cost me more to have a door with windows and simulated molding and panels, but not thousands more. My point was that $5200 is awful high for a door. Reality is somewhere between that high quote and the one I got for a basic (but quality) insulated fiberglass door.

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Not high at all. Especially for the door under consideration.

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Depending on the market value of your house, $5200 might actually be on the low side. Based on how much you're willing to spend, it might too high, just right, or too low. Only you can gauge if the door matches the value of your property and your willingness to write the check.

For us, personally, we'd never pay $5200 for a front door because it would just be totally out of whack for this home in this neighborhood. Maybe $2500 - $3000 (with labor), but it would need to be an exceptional door.

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