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doogan123June 6, 2006

Hi everyone - We have recently decided to remodeling our home and i guess the first step is to find a local architect/design firm that we can work with. I have met with a few architects who all seem ok. Some want to charge a % of final and some flat fee to do the drawings/get permits and oversee if needed.

My primary question to this group is along the lines of recommendations. I am not sure if there are people here from northern westchester, NY, However if there are I would appreciate any comments on architects or design/build firms that you have used. Are there any other web site forums/communities where this type of thing is discussed. I am not sure if posting this would be considered advertising so feel free to contact me directly if you prefer

I would also be interested to hear peoples comments on Using an architect and then selecting a GC Vs just going with a design/ build firm

Thanks in advance for readind and i appreciate any comments

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I am in Southern Westchester and we interviewed several architects that were recommended to us by friends. We also met with a design build firm. I personally think its better to go with a architect and then bid your job out to GC's to get the best price. A design build firm IMHO will have too much control.

Architects do charge differently. Most charge a flat fee. I got quoted between $5-$7K. The architect we finally went with charged a percentage of the constructon cost but we went with him b/c of his knowlege and expertise and contacts in the village we live in. Where in Westchester are you located?

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I am in northern westchester - Somers/Croton Falls area. We have interviews a couple of architects and last night met with a Design build firm. We were deffinatly impressed by the design/ build firm - they seem top notch. However i am not yet ready to sign over as of yet. In terms of the architects we met with we were quoted a percentage by one and also between 3-6K by others. For an addition we have gotton rough extimates of $200 Sq ft. My preferred way of doing this is a good architect and a good GC where you get a good bang for the buck. I am not looking for extreme high end - just good quality for the price point we go with!! I guess thats all anyone wants....

Are any of the architects you met with in my area..?


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Yes, one of them was in your area. I do not have his number at home but may have it at work. He estimated between approx $200 sq ft as well though that is a very rough figure. He was professional, reasonable and creative but we needed an architect in our village who had contacts b/c of the type of addition we were doing. I'll see if I can dig up that number for you.

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Usually architects do not have hands on building experience. If a design/build firm has great references, the ease of dealing with one person is worth a lot.

Westchester architect Michael McCann AIA

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One can get his projects done in many ways, if some one is very handy and able to manage people and money well and also have plenty of time to talk to all trade groups, he would just need a set of plans and he can get build big dollar projects by himself and also save big time. If anything gets wrong, he will have to blame no one but himself! On the other hand, If projects are bit complicated to manage one can hire a project manager to run all the schedule, and buy materials that will save him big time too. If you do not have much time to pay attention to the detail but you are looking for the best in the industry, you still should look for an experience architect and bid it around. I am not stating that all design build offices are bad, but DB can save big time to finish your project! But who would be safeguarding your interest?? No body! Unless you have great references for the design build architect.....

NYS Landscape Architect

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When you locate an architect, search the state registration database to see if his/her registration is current. I have recently run across drawings from people using the title "Architectural Designer" (or "Arch. Designer", clever, no?) which under my state's laws constitutes the practice of architecture without a license. One of them used an 85 year old mechanical engineer to stamp the structural drawings. Be careful, in this economy it's like the wild west out there.

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"Usually architects do not have hands on building experience" I seriously doubt this is sufficient reason to select the design-build method of project delivery. You could also say that few contractors have hands-on design experience. It seems an odd thing for an architect to say.

Construction means and methods are always the responsibility of a contractor. Having the designer work for the contractor doesn't always limit the freedom of the designer or give up too much control to the builder but it can.

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I am in northern Westchester and I highly recommend Mary Scott as an architect. Her # is 914 241-6262. She provided us with 4 qualified contractors to bid our job that she has had experience with. We were very happy with the one we chose. My only mistake was listening to two other friends for the plumbing supply company and the vanity company they recommended.

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There are no unlicensed architects or engineers in the US so it is wise to verify the registration of any design professional you are considering for a project.

Anyone using the title "architectural designer" or any other variation on the legally restricted title "architect" is almost certainly in violation of state law and may have little or no formal professional training.

Mary Faithorn Scott has been registered to practice architecture in Chappaqua, NY since 1983 and that alone tells you a lot about her.

Here is a link that might be useful: new york license verification

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