OT small town tradegy

rosajoe_gwOctober 23, 2011

One of our most influential families has had a horrible weekend. In a rural town our size you get to know people and they are very involved in cancer and alzheimer charities.

A mother of 4 is in the hospital for major surgery. The grandmother drove over to pick up 3 of the children for the weekend.

2 young men 22 yo (driver) and 24 yo for some reason lost control and hit them head on. From this small town also. No alchol, drugs, or cell phones were involved.

The grandmother, 2yo grandson, 7yo granddaughter, and the 2 young men in the other car all died on impact from broken necks.

The 9 yo grandson was critical but after surgery is listed as serious. He is now in the same hospital as his mother. Another 5 yo, thankfully was with friends and not in the vehicle.

The mother will not be able to attend the funerals. I feel so sorry for both families, the other family lost their only children. This has really shaken up this small community.

They would have to sedate me and put me in a padded room. This is a very wealthy family and I am sure they would trade it all to undue the accident.


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How very sad. There just arn't words for a situation like this. I am so sorry for everyone. God Bless. Jayne

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Tragic - no words to describe the impact this will have on the families and your community. Prayers to all.

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Rosa, that's just horrible. The whole town must be in shock and will take years for any kind of acceptance. Prayers and comfort to all...


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They will be in my prayers.

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Oh, how horrible. My heart breaks for all the families involved. They will certainly be in my prayers.


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