realtors- how do you advertise?

ilmbgNovember 13, 2008

I am not going to sell by myself, so I am not asking for any 'secrets'.

I have my house for sale- I am in a small town, 5,000.

I have asked my realtor to communicate with me each week- I want to know how she is advertising, what she is doing to promote the sale. Her reply was' well, other than the paper and what else is there?'. I KNOW there are a ton of places to advertise. This is the second realtor- the first one didn't even put a 'For Sale' sign in front of the house!Because there isn't much choice of realtors here, I am wondering if they just wait for someone to come to them without much effort into the sale.

When I sold a house recently in Texas, the realtor was in touch each week, letting me know what he was doing. I would contact him, but I know he is battling a terminal cancer. I don't think he is doing much now.

I think, because this is such a small, rural town, that the realtors are not up to date in the professional aspect of selling.

What a difference in the professionalism between the two places!

Can anyone guide me to other areas to advertise?

Thank you

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Well, I'm not a realtor, but I work for a virtual tour company, and here's some of the online places that our realtors advertise listings at:

Most of the above are free to list at; just requires some minimal effort to fill out the online forms. If you're very, very lucky, your realtor will have enough computer skills to be able to actually navigate the above sites and fill out the forms...if they're even willing to do it, that is. You may have to do it yourself.

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All of my listings go into three different MLS systems. Thats not common around the country but it is a must in my area since we border on three different counties. I do alot of advertising online. I advertize on at least 30 different websites, all of the above included and quite a few others. I send out "just listed" post cards to all of your neighbors and surrounding areas. Lots of people know of someone who may want to live in that neighborhood or know someone who they know is looking for a home. People LOVE to pick their neighbors! Brokers open houses are a good source of getting your home out there. When the other agents see the home, it makes it easier for them to put house and buyer together. (In my area, this is a catered event,if you feed them, they will come :)

This market is different than most markets, typically open houses in my area don't work. In this market, they work. There are too many homes on the market, people like to be able to come and go as they please. An open house allows that. Flyer boxes arent common in my area, but I've been using them more and more. The general public wants the information without actually having to call and talk to a realtor, getting the house out there to them is the best way to peak their interest enough to get them to call on the house. Anything that is going to make your house stand out above all the others is a form of advertising. Simply sticking the house in the local paper and having it in the MLS is not a proactive way of getting it sold in this type of market.

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Are you still in TX ? What part if that is the case?

Are you within 1hr or so from a larger town? If so advertise on its craigslist. Any local papers?

I'm in an equally sized town in TX and our area has its own MLS, signs and the lot we are selling in a nearby town is advertised in Houston's MLS as well due to that area being popular by Houstonians for weekend homes.

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Thanks for the responses.
No, I am not in Texas now- I am in a very rural part of Wyoming, but also a very desirable area- north central, Cody area.
Rivkadr- I just have an idea that this realtor does not have hard working ethics. I knew when I sold the last house that there were alot of web sites that were used, as well as alot of newspapers. I don't buy the comment by this realtor that there just are not any other places to advertise besides the local paper and MLS.
Linda- they don't do open houses here either- the realtors that I used both said it did not attract people because we are so small. I guess that may make sense. I will have to find out if she uses more than one MLS- are the other two available for all regions, or just your area?
I am just so frustrated at the lack of drive that realtors have here- it seems that they rely on people coming here for vacation in the summer, and then wanting to relocate here.
The fact that the two companies that I have used, are supposed to be the better companies really scares me. And to be blunt, pisses me off!
I do not need to move- I am wondering if that is also a reason that they seem so lazy. Maybe they want only desperate clients.
If I were to do my job with as much energy as the realtors here, I would have been canned the first day! (Registered Nurse)
I can look up the web sites that you use, Linda- I am wondering if that will cause conflict, though. And how to handle anything that crops up if a person contacts me regarding the ad.
Is it too much to ask a realtor to advertise in nearest large cities, ie Denver, St. Lake City?
What about magazines, papers in the east? I have a relative in the midwest that mentioned friends listing in several places in the east.
I appreciate your thoughts, and any other remarks/guidance is appreciated.

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No I don't think it is too much to ask for advertising in nearest large cities assuming they aren't too far away and if it is common for people in those cities to buy weekend homes etc. in your area then most definetly.

The lot we are trying to sell is in a small, but very cute and well known town in TX (population

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I can look up the web sites that you use, Linda- I am wondering if that will cause conflict, though. And how to handle anything that crops up if a person contacts me regarding the ad.

Ilmbg, the sites that I use are mostly paid sites offered only to realtors. There are some free sites out there, like listed above, but to be honest with you, they produce mostly dreamers and scammers. Before anyone goes and says, I bought my house or I sold my house with craigslist or another one, yes it does happen. But in my area, I have found that the people who contact me from those sites are not real buyers. (haven't had a real one yet)

It depends on what type of listing you have. Most likely you have an "exclusive right to sell". This means even if you sell your own home, you would still owe the full commission. It should say on the top of your contract what type of listing you have.

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