Kitchen island replacement

JadedBaronessApril 14, 2014

Hi all,
We are in the process of concreting the vision for our kitchen remodel coming this fall. We are currently in the middle of refinishing our cabinets (DIY with gel stain and they're coming out great!), chose our countertop installer, found someone to do a built-in sideboard with cubbies for storage, etc. but our big hang up right now is our island. It isn't the right size or configuration for our kitchen and we want to remove and replace it.

The new one will be 3x5, I know exactly the features and look and I want for it and i want it unfinished so it can be painted with a custom color. It will be simple, not that big, and we are on a budget. The kitchen places seem to not offer unfinished choices. Where can I go for an "unfinished" island? We are driving distance from Lancaster, pa so amish made custom island sounds appealing but I am having trouble finding someone online, no one I know has a recommendation and it's not close enough to just head out there with no leads. I'd love to find someone more local but I am not sure where to start. Is there somewhere reputable online that one can buy unfinished cabinets and I can have my GC put it together and install?

How does one replace JUST an island? Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way?

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Sophie Wheeler

Almost every major manufacturer will sell you their cabinets ufinished. No price deductkon usually though.

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If you know what you are doing and are a bit handy Ikea would be the way to go with third party unifinished doors and cover panels from Scherrs' or Conestega. That will probably be half of the cost of getting cabinets elsewhere. Or look on craigslist to buy 5 feet of base cabinets to refurbish and paint.Even the custom amish islands I have seen posted here have been at least $1500 plus for the cabinetry alone.

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Look around for a local cabinetmaker. They're generally less expensive than the big manufacturers, and will do the whole thing including painting your custom color and installation, if that's what you want. If your GC does kitchens and bathrooms and doesn't know a good cabinetmaker, I'd be a bit worried. Try asking your countertop installer.

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What about the person you found to do the built-in sideboard with cubbies? Can't he also build the island?

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