Non-smooth-top electric range

chisueApril 2, 2014

I may be limited to GE, Kenmore, etc. when I replace the slide-in range at our condo on Maui. The current smoothtop has been ruined by guests and/or maids. Any suggestions for an 'element' top range? Things to look out for?

I'm probably going to have to do all four appliances -- plan on 'bisque' color. Limited to GE for side X side w/water -- only their 20 cu ft will fit existing width.

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Sophie Wheeler

Not much but super basic available with coil top. They're designed for builder grade apartments with the smooth tops getting all the design upgrades love. Usually nothing but basic black or white available too. Bisque is really hard to find in just about everything.

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You've probably googled this? The first google hit for me was a Kenmore in bisque/coil top that looks like it has pretty decent features and good reviews...I didn't look beyond that, but there appears to be at least *one* decent unit!

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How was the glasstop ruined?

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Oh, I can find 'bisque' ranges, and all the other appliances too -- even on Maui! Maybe Consumer Reports can help me sort any flaws.

snookums2 -- Most of the damage at our condo comes from the maids/cleaners. (Which is why it doesn't get reported...since they are to do the reporting! LOL) I've had smooth cooktops for decades, since Corning first came out with them. No troubles. I clean with Bon Ami. I have posted a notice at our condo to use ONLY Bon Ami on cooktop and Corian. It's ignored, and things get scratched. The range top looks as though someone spread tomato sauce over it and cooked it on, then tried to scour it off with steel wool! I am hoping nobody can ruin an elements-top range. (Stay tuned...)

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Don't give up on the smooth top,but get induction instead.
Your analysis is probably correct- burned on remnants and scoured off.
Do you rent the condo?

The difference between induction and smooth top is induction heats the pan and not the cooktop so less sticky messes that stick to the surface.

BTW- even though induction is heating the pan, the glass cooktop does get warm/hot just where the pan was sitting- so don't "test" it by placing your hand on the surface- glass gets hot! (FYI - I didn't do this but remember reading about someone who did this- ouch)

I only use dish soap or ceramic cleaner on mine. I have never tried Bon ami on it- but isn't Bon ami a powder- not sure if that would scratch or not.

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