Pendant dilemma .... beach house kitchen

MarinaGalJune 26, 2014

I haven't been posting lately b/c I have been scrambling to get a kitchen reno done in our summer house before my husband loses all faith! I am down to my last decisions - kitchen pendants and sconces. This is a large room, about 20'x22', the kitchen area is not in this photo but the the dining table will be in front of this wall of windows that has a water view. (Older photo from this winter - we are almost done, actually!) Kitchen is white/beachy/rustic in style.

The dining table will look like this, more or less:

I am wallpapering that niche in the photo with this paper and putting a low chest in front of it (chest TBD):

I am likely using these pendants over the kitchen island which is about 12 feet from the window:

Now, if you are still reading and I haven't bored you (!), I need to select 2 pendants that hang over the dining table. They will be hung in on the ceiling from the sides of the fixed window in the middle of the 2 sliders. I want them to direct downward light for the most part b/c I don't want a lot of reflection in the glass when they are lit at night. There are also 2 sconces, not yet selected, on the side walls. Here are the options I am considering (first from Serena and Lily, and next two from Simon Pearce). Do these make sense with the beehive pendants for the island? I can't decide whether I like the white of the Serena & Lily buoy pendants (and maybe the buoys are too literal/nautical?) or the alabaster of the Simon Pearce pendants. Maybe I should keep looking?? TIA for your input!

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A vote for the bottom choice #3 -- to echo the shape and feel of the kitchen pendants .....

Gorgeous place!!! Hope you will come back and post a few pics! :)

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I like the third one, as well. The bouy is too white and artificial looking with the warm and organic beehive.

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Same here, number 3

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Agree, no. 3. Like both the shape and the color.

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Excellent - thanks for the feedback. That was my first choice, but then I overthink, overthink, etc. I am at the stage where I feel like I can't make another decision....
Will post photos when it's all done - very soon!! Appliances in tomorrow, floors and cabinets done next week sometime.

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I like #2, because I love the shape and also because I don't think all the lamps have to have the same shape.

Also, I LOVE that wallpaper! Who makes that, may I ask?

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kswl - thanks for weighing in! I love your taste (your new basement is simply gorgeous). I like the shape of #2 the best but worried that it would be hard to coordinate with my yet-to-be-selected sconces. But I haven't ordered anything yet..... I also worry that the alabaster color of both the Simon Pearce pendants might be wrong with my other finishes.. hmmm... We are heading down to see the house this weekend so I can evaluate. Isn't the wallpaper great? I found it on Pinterest - it's called Whitby Wallpaper, and it's made in the UK by Mini-Moderns. I couldn't find a US distributor but I found a UK distributor who helped get it to me - I only needed one roll so it wasn't a big deal. I'll post a photo when it's up!

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Could you use the same type/style over the dining room table that you are using over the kitchen island? How far apart is the dining table and the island?

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I vote Serena and Lily, I like the way the echo the others.

Such cool wallpaper, btw. Feels a bit Asian

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Thanks for the wallpaper info, marinagal, and I DEF want to see that when it is up!

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Update: Our kitchen is almost done and I will post photos when it is, but..... I decided no pendants over the island and went with the Serena & Lily buoy pendants over the dining table. I love them during the day, but they illuminate differently at night b/c the ceramic material isn't consistent - am in touch with S&L to work through this. We put up the wallpaper today - I almost chickened out, not sure why - but I love it! I am looking for an antique or reclaimed pine dresser to put in the niche to hold table linens, so the piece there now is temporary. I may put up some art or a mirror in the niche as well. TBD. Funny thing - right after the paper was up I noticed that thankfully the boats are sailing toward out backyard/water view and not toward the kitchen, which would have been strange. I completely overlooked that nuance of the orientation when I ordered the paper!

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"...thankfully the boats are sailing toward out backyard/water view and not toward the kitchen... "
So funny !!
I never would have thought to check the orientation.
But you are so right about the direction ......

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I love the way the wallpaper looks. As for the orientation, sometimes you make a choice for certain reasons and it turns out to be the right choice for reasons not even considered when you made the choice.

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I love it. Looks vaguely Japanese, yet jaunty. What is the history of the niche? Did you build it? Is i just for visual interest?

Oh and more pictures please!

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The pendants are perfect. Combined with the wallpapered niche, the dining room has a totally different appearance. Love it!

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LOVE that wallpaper, it somehow manages to be fun and chic at the same time! Please, more photos!

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Mtn and kswl have already said what I was going to say: love, and want to see more pics of the house!

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Beautiful. I might even look for a tall "mans" dresser to fit in the niche. There is never enough storage!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Looking good!

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Love love! That wallpaper is gorgeous and fun. I love your style Marinagal! Can't wait to see more pics! I hope S&L are able to figure something out for you.

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That looks great! The pendants are a perfect choice.

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Thanks, everyone! I found this wallpaper for my husband, who loves boating and fishing. I am trying to show him that you can have some cool coastal stuff in a house without ending up looking like the nautical aisle in Marshall's! The pendants are wonderful, I don't think they are ever going to look perfect illuminated at night but we are experimenting with different wattages and types of bulb to even out the glow.
arcy - yes, I have looked at taller dressers also. I want to keep low enough that we can also use the top as a cell phone charging area. I need to hit the antique shops around here!
Mtn - the niche used to be the entry to our old dining room, but we moved the entry during our reno and I decided to have a niche rather than a closet to use the space.
Background on this reno: Our house here is best described as a rambling eclectic Cape house. The old dining room was a tiny converted 1940s carport that was several steps down from the large 1960s living room. From the dining room, you would step back up to the completely charming but useless kitchen which dated back to 1910 with many subsequent iterations. During our renovation we tore out the middle of the house (old kitchen and dining room) and rebuilt a large kitchen/dining room.
Here is a teaser photo - literally the only angle I could shoot just now without cleaning up a lot of mess. We are still finishing aspects of the kitchen and I promise to share more photos when we are done. I am really happy with the results - we started planning in 2010....

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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