Home Depot for kitchen remodeling, good choice?

highway35June 22, 2011

My kitchen is kind of old, built in 1986. We got new appliances. Now are

trying to spruce up our kitchen cabinets and counter top.

Cabinets are made of wood, so HD guy told us to reface them. Countertops will be replaced with granite. He gave out a quote, and applied 10% off, etc. He is also going to add one 24'x22'x36' cabinet for us. He is the first who

came to give us a quote. Then he also says if we sign the contract TODAY,

he'd give another 10% off.

Things he described to do sound all right. Imagine a new kitchen, I was easily

talk to accept it. I have no clue how much it should cost, simply trusted him.

I know that I should have gone through researching a couple of

more choices. I just thought HD might be a reasonable place

to work with.

I do have three days to cancel the contract.

Any one has had recent experience with HD in E. Palo Alto

in remodeling, its results and is it price-wise reasonable ?

or should negotiate?


(My town home is 1570 sq ft.

My whole kitchen area is 107'x109' including a fridge, stove, sink and

dishwasher. It's U-shape with the inside of the U being the walking moving

around space. The final price is $15K)

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I'd cancel the contract. Usually your local countertop / kitchen place is competitive price-wise with HD and Lowe's. Check them out and get 3 bids altogether - maybe HD will end up being the lowest, but this is a pretty major project to not bid out.

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