Sunroom smells like Cat Urine - Need fixing/remodelling ideas

saakJune 28, 2010

Hi All,

I need some help about what to do with this old sunroom built by the previous owner. It smells like Cat Urine (particularly on a humid day). I tried cleaning with pine sol/Nature's Miracle, and I even re-capped an old sewer cleanout in the room, but to no avail. Still really bad.

Since the chemical cleanings are not working, I am leaning toward replacing the flooring with tile. Problem is the existing floor is one of those epoxy aggregate pebble floors. Should I just use a sledge-hammer? I am worried I will just leave an un-level mess of concrete.

Any other ideas to make this space livable? (Also, please take a look at the roof, not sure what the material is but is this ok for a sunroom?) Pics below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunroom Pics

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The dreaded cat urine. Nothing is going to eliminate that. We ripped out the rugs and KILZ'd the floor to finally ride the room of the odor. Good Luck!

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I never got Nature's Miracle to work for me, but I have had good success with Anti-Icky-Poo. Yes. That's actually what it's called. You can buy it online.

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Are you sure the odour is from the floor? Some epoxy aggregates are non-porous. And even the porous ones are not the same as a carpet, for instance.

I had one tenant who left me a house of urine saturated wall-to-wall broadloom. I gave the next tenant a huge break on the rent; after he removed the carpet, sanded and refinished all the floors and painted all the walls and woodwork, the house was bright and fresh.

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My guess is the odor is coming from the walls. As worthy mentioned, I'd think the epoxy flooring is non-porous.

For cleaning, use only products made for kennels and specifically for cat urine. You can try cleaning the floors and wall with the enzyme, let it dry thoroughly, then seal with shellac.

Before spending money on replacing the floor, I'd try to determine if the walls are the problem. You should buy a black light first, since it will show you the areas that are soiled.

Remember that when using the enzyme, you need to let it soak for hours for it to work well.
In addition, don't use other non-enzyme products on the odor since it prevents the enzyme products from working efficiently.

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Are you sure the odor isn't coming from the drain? Where does it connect to? If the trap is empty, you might be getting odors from the cesspool or sewer.

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