Who's packing for October /November move

sewwhatsnewOctober 8, 2008

We close in 10 days, I have almost filled a large cube van with just storage items from the basement and the garage ,which we have never been able to park one or two cars in ,due to excessive storage. I'm at home, so packing and orchestrating this final move is my job, I started on Monday. Anyone else feel they are doing it all?? Dragging up heavy bins from the basement has been the worst, its our final move, been here 9 years. I'm hoping I don't pull any muscles, I have lots of projects I'm looking forward to at the new house. We do plan to hire movers for the heavy furniture and to help unload vans, trucks, etc.. Yippee!!

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Good luck :-)

My hubby is packing up in Utah today moving us from a small place there to another small place in there. I am home in NY. He was on the phone with me earlier and we were talking about how we don't even want to think about moving our NYS residence. We know this is not our "forever" house, and we will move (still looking for that 100 acres in upstate NY) someday in the not to distant future, but I just shudder at the thought. Moving is not fun.

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I feel for you. Not much to love about packing except for the hired movers!

We also close in about 10 days but everything is already packed and with the moving van storage. We were supposed to close on a different house 12 days ago - it fell through at the last minute because of a low appraisal and the sellers refusal to lower their price or even split the difference. Now we're stuck in a hotel room just waiting :(

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We closed on our house last Friday. We have until November 2 to be out. Problem is, we are finishing our new house, too. I have been trying to pack things here, run to the new house and finish up some last minute things there. I am a nervous wreck worrying that we won't be out on time. We have lived here over 30 years and have an extra detached garage behind our house so you can imagine the amount of "things" we have accumulated. DH acts like we have forever and that really upsets me. I keep telling him we need to keep working. He still has an 80 hour a week job and does some other work on the side. I asked him not to accept any more jobs until after the first of November but he doesn't want to lose business. Hope I make it.

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We are moving Oct 30 and there's lots of stuff still to pack. We are moving to a 1450 sq ft villa in a retirement community. We are moving from an 8 room house with a basement, a 2-car garage, and attic storage! We've been going through stuff and throwing away and donating other things to Goodwill.

I wish these retirement places would have more storage space. There is a 1-car garage but I can envision so many things to store there that there won't be room for the car(s). Sigh...

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You be amazed how much you pack and move and never use. I dragged all sorts of stuff from CA to ND over a period of time and even though we got rid of alot, both there and here, there are still boxes of stuff I need to get rid of. Look very carefully at the stuff and say--do I need it--will I use it__can I replace it---will it fit into the style---etc and you will be amazed how much you don't need to move. Another thing we are finding out is that our kids and others don't really want all our prized stuff, so I am getting rid of that also.

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Enjoyed your stories, oh my gosh ladynimue, in a motel room waiting, I don't think I could find another home if this one fell through. Ellied, my hubby also works two jobs, when I see him, he enjoys the dinner I prepared for him,and he soon falls asleep. Last things to load up were grandchilds riding toys including one of those monster electric trucks ,wagons, strollers, etc. I'll probably be loading the rest of the garage crap in a cargo van next week!! Were only a few miles away, I may have my daughters friends help us unload too, I think they will work for BEER!!! Next week I will start packing house stuff, I prefer a simple life, kids are gone. (sorta) I do watch my 3 year old grandchild everyday and still found a half dozen bins called baby or toddler!! Luckily, my rooms aren't cluttered , decluttered when I put the house for sale.
Mariend, I will try to get rid of MORE STUFF after we move.I continue to drop off at Goodwill,and sold grandchilds clothing at a garage sale. I think 1/4 of the van is Christmas, 1/4 is sewing, and the other half is prized possessions (hehe)!!!

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I would love to be packing right now. I would pack hundreds, even thousands of boxes and love every second. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is moving here right now, is spite of very significant price reductions. I've had empty boxes sitting in my garage for months. Now I just look at them longingly and think "some day".

So, the moral of my tale of woe is, although it's a pain in the rear, be thankful that you have the need to pack at all.

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I'm in the midst of packing - we are moving in three days. Weeks ago when we hired (and when I say "we" I mean DH) the movers, I thought the movers would be packing and moving all the boxes. To my dismay, we are actually packing everything and they are just moving the boxes. Huh? I had no idea - I thought they come in and do it all for the price they are charging!

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No, it costs extra for the movers to do the packing, too. I am packing all my dishes, etc., myself. Couldn't see paying somebody else to do it. (It costs enough just to move!)..lol

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