Help! What door hardware finish should I choose.?

ksd51June 10, 2009

I am having a difficult time deciding on the hardware finish for my french doors, for my dining room and family room. The reason for my dilemma is that the ORB door hardware that I have seen is very dark almost black, as well as the venetian bronze. I think that it is too dark for the doors which are a creamy white. I did use ORB in the kitchen ( which is open to the family room)where the cabinets are creamy white, but the ORB color is a rich bronzy brown. Both the family room and the dining room have dark hardwood floors which have a reddish cast. In both rooms the light fixture will have a bronze finish.

So my question is do I just forget my fear and go with the ORB or venetian bronze? Or, do I choose to go with what I have in the rest of the house which is the polished brass? I could go in between and select the antique brass. I will eventually change all the door handles to one color but for now the decision is for the family room and dining room french doors and the two closet doors off the kitchen.

P.S. My contractor wants me to go with antique nickel, if I do not choose the ORB. He think the antique nickel is more in vogue than the antique brass. It may be, however, I I think that antique brass would blend much better than the antique nickel. So this is my story.

Would very much appreciate hearing your opinions. Its amazing what would seem like such a small decision can be such a big headache!! Thanks for any help you can provide.

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You don't want vogue, you want timeless.

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Thanks for your comment Ron. I agree that I want timeless, not to be in vogue. What do you think about the other choices I mentioned; that being the venetian bronze, or the antique brass or even going with the existing polished brass that I currently have in the rest of the house.

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we have all antique brass doorknobs. i like it. i know it's not trendy now so i hope it doesn't look dated later. it's sort of neutral to me kren

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We are in EXACTLY the same situation. GC suggested antique nickel. We are debating the Venetian Bronze vs. Polished Brass, on white doors.

We dropped ORB due to living finish and side-by-side handles where one is used more frequently than the other. Leaning toward Polished Brass, which we currently have, mostly because the Venetian Bronze is almost black, and we are not sure we want the sharp contrast. Plus we are comfortable with the polished brass and we know we like it. And it has been trendy for centuries!

I am also suffering from sticker shock, especially for hinges. We will probably get solid brass hinges, and there is a huge price difference between products, over 4:1 difference....if its solid brass, is there any reason to pay more for a hinge?

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