I think I have made a terrible mistake

MyGardenWebJune 1, 2012

My kitchen remodel began a month ago. The interior is still gutted, but wiring routes have begun and the framing is in place and the exterior siding has been put on as well as 2 new windows. The mistake I made is that I JUST REALIZED that I reduced my view to the beautiful backyard. I called for 2 windows and my view is less than what it used to be. I want a third window put in and now I think it's too late and the contractor will freak out on me and that this will cost me a ton of money to make the change now. Please advise ASAP i am feeling so nauseous right now...

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Do you want the third window badly enough to have a freaked out contractor and spend the money? If so, I'd tell him (or her) sooner rather than later. At least find out if it's too late... good luck.

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It's only time and money... Their time and your money. You aren't the first home owner to realize a plan isn't working as you wanted it to. Go ahead and ask what it would cost to add the 3rd window. The worst case is that the window will be a special order item that takes a couple months, and it costs a few thousand extra to do the work.

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The contractor works for you, so you really don't need to worry about his opinion.

Of course, he's going to charge you for the change. It will be extra work , materials, time etc. The faster you let him know, the easier it is going to be.

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Tell the contractor you want three windows. He works for you and if he freaks out over this...it's going to be a LONG remodel. You need to establish right now...who is in charge...and who is willing to pay more to fix this.

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the GC is going to be happy, he makes more money, and he is relieved of liability of getting the project done on time. I love changes. We just hate it when you are later moaning about the job taking forever, when it was HO who made the delays. Dont be scared, just let him know.

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Thank you everybody!

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Op: what did you decide to do? Did you talk to your GC?

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I decided cost is too high to do it now. window needs to be connected closely to the two outside ones meaning more wall removed to redo all 3 properly. picture window special order and expensive... but I realize that i can see my living room bay window behind me, so i get extra view if i turn around! so i will be ok. I appreciate all feedback thank you.

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