Keeping the foot pedal in it's place.

buteau3rdOctober 22, 2012

Does anyone have a solution to the escaping foot pedal? We have a rug in the room where I sew, so now I have an office"under the desk" pads, and the foot keeps scooting away from me.

Do they sell any thing that would help?

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Marge, they make a shelf liner that is rubberized like something you'd put under a rug so it won't skid. Look for that in the store and cut a piece to put under your pedal and it will stay put.


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I'll try that, and if it works, I'll glue it on. Thanks in advance. Sometimes when it gets too far away, I get a leg, or foot cramp reaching for it!

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The shelf liner works great and is portable enough to take to classes with you. I also use a rolled up section of the shelf liner to tilt the machine to relieve neck stress. Used to use door stops (something suggested in a class), but this works great too.
People are always shocked that I use my left foot for the peddle (helps with back pain for me) and all the systems I've seen for sale at quilt shows only work for right foot peddlers.

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Thanks LindaB.......Some of the quilters in my group have the machine tilt that they bought and they really love, but I'll try your way. Seems that it would be easier to carry.

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Marge ~ remember at Retreat? I had the tan Featherweight ~ I was using a piece of rug liner to keep the pedal from moving. You commented that is what you needed. I also had my FW sitting on a rubberized open weave place mat to keep the FW from moving on the table. That works for the foot pedal also.
I caution you not to glue anything to the bottom of any foot pedal. It could interfere with the operation of the pedal.
I seem to always be chasing the foot pedal for my Pfaff - no matter what I've tried.

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I stuck a bit of sticki-back velcro to my foot pedal. Works great. Doesn't move on carpet at all.

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And that's why I love my older machines with heavy metal pedals. My new one is plastic and is lighter in weight than my next newest machine. I have the machine my MIL used in a cabinet with a knee control. Oh man, is that sweet. This sounds dorky, but I sew barefooted. It allows me to not keep clunking the pedal with my shoes and I do a lot less hunting for where it crept off to. (the pedal, not my shoes)

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Calliope, love the mental picture. I'll try that when the weather warms up again.

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Kate, I think the office type pad under the sewing table was the beginning of the is so slick. Great for thread, not the pedal. Sooooo I tied the adhesive velcro hook side on the floor,and fluffy side on the pedal bottom.IT WORKS!
I forgot that I had this stuff. Thanks for the reminder!

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What a great idea! Can't wait to try the under carpet stuff. I too have had this annoying problem. Recently, however it forced me to laugh. Not long ago I purchased a "new-to-me" sewing cabinet. I had great fun rearranging all my sewing supplies and making use of the storage area behind the double doors. Finally I got to sit down and sew and decided to practice some free-motion quilting. I sewed for a bit, stopped and took my foot off the pedal but the machine kept sewing! I'm thinking, "What the heck is going on?" Then I looked at my pedal and saw that it had travelled back and wedged the upper tip under the boards that back the shelving area of the cabinet. Fortunately, as I said, it was practice sewing, so not a problem. Anyhow I'm sure I've got that rubberized undercarpet stuff. It 's just a matter of remembering where on earth I put it. Hopefully it will put an end to my "phantom stitcher!"

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Glad I could help, Marge!

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