A bit of good in all this gloom~~

phoggieOctober 27, 2008

Did any of you hear the news story about the lady whose home was being sold in foreclosure and a complete stranger was sitting by her and bought the home so the lady could stay in it? It really touched my heart....what a wonderful thing to do. It is too bad that more who are in the financial situation that could do so, don't use the compassion to do likewise......sure wish I could ~~

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No I haven't. Do you have a link? Where did this happen? The buyer of the forclosure property sure sounds like a compassionate person and fortunate to have the income to do this.


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I saw coverage of this on TV -- Friday, I think, on GMA? The 'rescuer' seemed unsure of exactly how she was going to work this out. She'd bought the property at auction for about $30K; planned to get a mortgage and have the foreclosed owner cover her payments. Frankly, I had the uneasy feeling the foreclosed owner was unlikely to perform. (Maybe she just seemed a mess being filmed at the auction where her house was being auctioned. Maybe I wondered *why* she was there at all.)

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