Is this a horrible time to try to sell?

deanie1October 20, 2009

I need your expert input on whether we should list our house now or wait til spring. Here's our situation: we have found a home we love and will close on it next week. We do not have a mortgage on the house we are in now, but need to sell it in order to do some remodeling on the house we are buying.

Our home backs up to a retail parking lot which is nearly invisible in the summer when the trees are in leaf. Right now, the mature trees in our yard are still in leaf and are turning beautiful color. The house would show well for maybe another four weeks. But once those leaves drop, the parking lot and its traffic are quite visible. We also have a screened-in porch which shows great normally, but not so great in the dead of the winter since it is freezing out there and you can see that retail parking lot from there.

We'd like to get a quick sale if we can, but at the same time, if it doesn't sell quickly I am not sure if it's a great idea to have it on the market in the dead of winter with the parking lot lights, traffic, etc. in full view. Your opinions are needed!

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deanie 1,

I guess you could "go for it" for 4 weeks and if the "interest" falls off significantly you have your answer. You may want to check with an agent about the sales in your area; days on market, etc. before you try to sell. Dh and I had a similar experience living on a pretty tree lined road(towards the end of the road) in the summer but once the leaves fell it showed a real messy place at the beginning of the road. So we decided to wait until spring to list our house and it sold in late July while everything was "leafed out".

Good Luck!

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My situation is reverse of most homes - during the summer the heavy tree cover blocks all sunlight from coming through a window. The only season when I feel the house "shows well" is in the winter when the leaves are gone and you can see all four corners in every room without a flashlight. For that reason I'm putting mine on the market now.

I would take photos of the best views during peak fall color and clearly show how the leaves block the view outside of winter.

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I'd say the same thing as twotogo.

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I'd wait till spring after things have leafed out. While four weeks might get you a buyer it won't take you thru closing. At some point your buyers will drive by or go to the house after that four weeks and may try and find a way out of contracts.

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