Lots of listings: good or bad sign for agent?

weedyacresOctober 15, 2012

There are a few agents in our area who have an above-average share of listings. Is that a good sign, that they sell lots? Is it a warning that our listing might get lost in the shuffle? Or does it not matter at all? Does it just mean they're good at selling themselves to sellers?

At local open houses, they tend to have stand-ins do the open houses for their listings. That seems like they're giving short shrift. One open house I went to, the agent said he didn't know anything about the house until he showed up.

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These agents that have a large # of listings will have a team. They have buyer agents, clerical assistants and hire noobs to handle the open houses. Hiring them vs an agent that has maybe 3 - 5 listings is totally up to how you want the relationship to be. If you hire the "mega agent", expect all of your phone calls to go to the assistant, not the agent, because all he/she has time to do is find more listings.
IMO, when selecting a listing agent, one should ask themselves 3 questions.

1. Can I communicate well with the person?
2. Do I feel like they have my best interests in mind, foremost? Do I trust them?
3. Do they portray the same morals and values as I do?

You see, the MLS is a great equalizer. In other words, all agents can get your listing into the MLS and expose it to ready, able and willing buyers. It is the rest of the transaction where most of the differing qualities of a person come into play big time. The three criteria above will separate them out, and steer you in the correct decision.

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So if the mega-agent is always out prospecting, and won't be handling the work, do you need to instead evaluate the ability/effectiveness of the team members?

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Ding, Ding, Ding,, Ding, Ding.
Weedy gets the prize.

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Circus Peanut

When you've narrowed down the field, ask some other (buyer's agent type) realtors about the seller you're considering. We almost gave up on our recent purchase due to how difficult the selling agent was to work with, and how rude he was to our buyer's agent.

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I would go with a well known broker in your area. Make sure that they are likeable and competent. Ask them how they market your home and if they use a professional photographer.

The most important thing is that is that your house goes into MLS so that other realtors can see it and take their buyers to see it.

So IMHO you want someone who is friendly and will be easy to work with so that they work well with other agents. Chances are the buyers agent will not be the listing agent.

Good luck!!

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Weedy, someone over on the Decorating forum is looking for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: ?? For weedy on Home Decor forum

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Some agents put all their energy into getting listings ... then they do little to nothing to actually sell them, because they get their share of the commission no matter who sells the house.

Doing a FSBO with a commission offered to a buyer's broker is one way to avoid these people.

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