Calling all banquet owners with loose pillows!!

DJHinVAApril 9, 2013

Hi's been awhile. I just spent the last 90 minutes(oops) catching up on what I've missed. WOW!!
So I'm finally having my banquet cushions done by someone on Etsy and we're trying to figure out how to keep them from sliding around too much. I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting velcro on the bottom of the cushion and the lid of my bench. I thought hooks and tabs on the cushions might work. Anyone have a solution?? I'd love to see them.
As a is my banquet. It's quite small and has been just wonderful!
From the side:
From Banquet Details

Hinge detail:
From Banquet Details

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Who are you using on etsy? I'm going to need a cushion too. What about some kind of rubber pads on the underside of the cushion so it has some traction and doesn't slide off?

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I made my cushion about 1/2 inch longer so I didn't have to tack it down - it is just my DH and myself so it doesn't get too much action. If kids were using it - it might move around too much and then a traction pad might work.

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A woman named Heidi. Here is her Etsy link. Her pricing is quite good and she specializes in these kinds of cushions.
Thank you for the suggestion.

a2gemini - I'm not sure I understand what that does being longer, but I'm glad it works! We're at the table every day and my son does homework there so it's getting great use!

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We have almost the identical banquette design and we use that inexpensive padding that you put under a small area rug to keep it from sliding. We got ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It can easily be cut to the size of the bench. Every once in a while the cushion slides if a child has been moving around a lot but otherwise it works very well. And cushions can easily be removed to open the bench.

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Our cushions fit snuggly together (although one end is completely open) and we have never had a problem with them sliding around. Maybe it's the fabric we used? It's a microsuede fabric. Anyway, whatever the reason, we've not had a problem with it in four years of having the banquette.

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cnn6797: Genius!

The amazing thing about GW is that you learn to worry about all these things you never thought about! I just ordered my bench cushion this week and never thought about the slide around factor.

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HI all.. Thank you so much.
cmm6797 Thank you for confirming that the pad underneath works well for you. That is exactly what I needed to hear!

wi-sailorgirl I LOVE your corner banquette. Not only is the banquette lovely, (and the cushions, and the trestle table, and the chairs, and..and..and...) but your art style is near and dear to me as I create over-sized Floral images..on black!. It's great to see similar items, but I haven't seen this hanging style (other than in a commercial use). Where did you find them?

Sorry to worry you Gooster and now you don't need to! Congratulations on getting your cushions ordered!

Time to order mine!

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DJH, thanks for the nice comments. That wall sat blank for almost three years while I looked for the right thing for that spot. Those are vintage German botanical charts that were used in classrooms. I got them from Etsy seller Bonnie and Bell, who has hundreds of charts. It was so hard to choose.

And I know you didn't ask about it, but that trestle table was actually a find from the Restoration Hardware outlet. It was missing a whole corner (and was sort of a chestnut color). We had to cut it down to make it fit anyway so the damaged corner didn't matter and then I painted it. It was quite the steal.

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Ours is also a tight fit - so not too much problem with it moving around - but our back doesn't have the angle - so I think one of the anti movement pads underneath should help.
You could add a tack button on the open side with some kind of loop to help hold that end in place.
Looking great in any case!

Must be banquette season with at least 3 active posts!

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