Talavera Tile

asoveyApril 28, 2013

I would like to do a Talavera Tile as part of our kitchen remodel on one wall which will include the area behind the stove. I have never had tile in a kitchen before and I am wondering if there is anything special that has to be done to it - especially the grout - to keep it looking nice and clean. Does it have to be sealed? I am a real novice with tile but I love the colors and patterns of the Talavera Tile. I would also like to put it on the area between the tiers of the island. What are your suggestions? Are there any good places online to buy the tiles? Any to avoid? Thanks for any of your suggestions or input!

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Hi asovey, the only place I have checked out for Talavera is Tierrayfuego.com.

Also, search "mamasheshe", she used this source, and her kitchen is awsome. That was my first introduction to Talavera, and I fell in love with it.

Good luck!

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The tiles are glazed, but the grout needs to be sealed or it stains.

Aside form that, there are kitchens in Mexico that were tiled in the 1600s, and a building from the mid 1700s ... still looking good.

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The grout for ANY tile should be sealed, not just for talavera. (I am speaking of the common cementitious grout. You could use epoxy grout instead, which does not need to be sealed.)

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