What are some inexpensive granites with some color?

pseudochefApril 1, 2013

So the green granite we picked out was apparently mislabeled (even though I asked 5 times at the slab yard to confirm) and is being quoted as much more expensive than we'd like to spend (although not completely ruled out since we liked it so much). Tomorrow I'm going to two more slab yards to see what else is out there. Most of the inexpensive granites seem to be rather gold/cream and neutral. Can anyone think of any that are somewhat more exciting color wise? Possibly there's a white/cream with flecks of green or blue instead of gold and brown? I'm open to all suggestions. I find the granite pricing scheme rather annoying. I don't see why they don't just put a $/sq ft on the granite so you don't waste time asking your fabricator to call and price it etc.

Possibly there are some plain granites that can be paired with colored backsplashes instead of neutrals. I guess I have a hard time envisioning what I would put with a neutral granite that only has cream/gold/brown/black in it.

I'd like to go back to the kitchen planning process that was just about layout and function, this design stuff is difficult.

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The Verde Peacock granite that I used in my kitchen is an inexpensive granite. Our fabricator called it a stock granite. It was one of several in the lowest price tier. I did have to go to 4 granite yards before I found slabs that met my criteria of having large splotches of the blue-green color as well as enough gold highlights in it. Not sure what your cabinetry will be but I have mine on natural cherry cabinets and it looks fabulous if I must say so myself. It also looks great paired with white cabinets.
I initially wanted a granite with lots of movement but didn't want any stones that were primarliy brown, gold, or white/gray so that pretty much eliminated everything out there with veining in it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a low priced, common granite was perfect for my kitchen. If you haven't already checked out Verde Peacok I think you should. I found it to be a little richer and more interesting than Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly which are both similar.
It is hard to photograph but the picture below is a fairly good representation. If you double click on the picture I think it takes you to my album if you want to see other pictures of it.
Good luck on finding your perfect granite.

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The stone yard our KD sent us to did not provide us with prices. Our KD did after we chose our stone. Probably not so smart on our part! We did not know anyone who had purchased granite before with the exception of friend who bought Uba Tuba through her home builder. I do not know what is considered inexpensive. Our stone with the neutral colors you have described was 130$/sqft. It was 2 years ago and I think there are more choices avaliable now. I have only 2 friends that have stone, the rest have Corian or laminate. This forum is a good resource. I wish I had known about it before we redid our kitchen. I probably would have made a lot of different choices. Keep looking and don't settle. It is a lot of money! Good luck to you.

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Holly- Kay

Oooooh I love that granite! It is so pretty and doesn't look at all inexpensive!

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I was going to say verde butterfly or verde peacock, too. A neutral idea would be steel grey, which you could put an interesting backsplash with.

Most granite yards I went to had a price level on the slabs so I would have an idea of how expensive it would be. Good luck!

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For green, check out Verde San Francisco. It priced pretty affordably, I recall. Around the $12-15 sq/ft for a slab in Northern California. Prices are coming from memory, so there may be errors....

Slightly more expensive was Ihla Bela. It is white and grey swirled with green. Roughly $20 sq/ft.

Azul Platino is a grey/white check with flecks of blue-green. It was the lowest cost granite I've seen -- at under $10 per square foot.

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