Circle quilt finished!

lola99October 28, 2012

I finally finished this quilt about a month ago.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me when 1. I didn't like how the quilting looked and then 2. when the quilt started to fall apart after washing.

I went around every circle again with a very wide zigzag, and I have washed it 3x so I do not think the circles will fall apart again.

I still think it would have looked much nicer with white quilting, but it was a huge learning experience and the woman that I gave it to loves it. It is the first quilt that she has ever owned and she thinks it's great.

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You did a great job fixing the problem! It's a dramatic and beautiful quilt.


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I'm so glad you were able to fix it and your friend loves it. I love the bold colors.

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Lola - what a fun quilt! You did a great job, and I'm so glad your friend loves it. Nicely done.

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It looks like your fixes worked and it turned out very nice. Not always a big fan of the fabrics you used but really like the way they work in your quilt, which goes to prove everything in their place. lol. Great job. TFS.

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You've done a wonderful job. It's just lovely. I think each quilt we make teaches us something and you've certainly learned from this one. I love your colors.

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Imagine the miles of thread you've used on this quilt!!! :~)
You've done a wonderful job fixing your issues. I'm so happy the recipient is thrilled. Yay for you-you got it finished and gone! Kudos for not giving up.
Don't cringe ~ or laugh ~ but I bought a pkg of 15 fat quarters, all in large floral (Free Spirit textiles) and I want to make a circle quilt like yours! Ever since you posted pics of your raveling problem, I
haven't been able to get the image out of my head. I also bought Olfa's circular Rotary Cutter and the two just seem to be destined for each other. I will not be appliqueing them - thank you!

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Lola, I think your quilt looks great. Congratulations on sticking with it and resolving the issues. Your friend has a true treasure. Lois

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Lola, Your quilt is beautiful, love the fabrics, love the's no wonder your freind loves it. Well done!!!

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Lola, the quilt is beautiful. So glad you posted about the problem you had with appliqueing the circles onto the background. Babylock website has a Holiday Circles Quilt posted that uses Christmas fabric to make the circles and appliques them to a white background. That quilt is on my to-do list for this holiday season (assuming the stars get aligned just right :)) Anyway, thanks for telling how you fixed the fraying problem you had, I may use wonder-under on the circles to fix the fraying problem before the fact. Do you think wonder under will prevent the edges fraying?
here is a link to the Holiday Circls Quilt.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I agree with Kate. It's a beautiful, dramatic quilt.You did a good job. I like the colors you used and love the pattern.


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That's fabulous. I like that colored thread you used for quilting. I think it really adds to the overall look which is fun and funky. Great job.

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Eek! (yes, that was a squeak and it's the noise I made when I read that some of you are going to make this quilt.) Just kidding - it really shouldn't be a hard quilt to make, I just made it a lot more difficult than it should be.

Yes, I assume Wonder Under would help prevent the fraying, but I have not used Wonder Under very much, so I'm just assuming. Also, the first time I stitched the circles down I used a fairly small zigzag and I was trying to catch part of the circle and part of the background in every stitch. The second time around I used a wider zigzag and I was almost completely on the circle, with very little thread on the background.

I realized that I forgot to give credit to the tutorial that I used. The link is below.

Thanks once again for your nice comments. It is really fun to have this group of friends with whom I can share my quilting highs and lows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simple Circle Quilt Tutorial

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Thanks for posting the tutorial link. I really liked her method of numbering, I usually pin and they just get in the way or cause me to bleed on my quilt. double sided tape much safer! lol

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Missed this while I was offline. It's a wonderful quilt. I'm impressed that you stuck to it with all the problems. The outcome was really worth it. I agree the colored quilting is part of the fun too.

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