Ever want a FMQ do-over??

toolgrannyOctober 22, 2012

I pulled this old mystery quilt top out of a drawer when I first got my frame. I used it to set up the machine and see how smoothly it would run. I wandered around on it and then threw it all back in a drawer.

I found it this week and decided to quilt the border on my table top machine and bind it. Now I like it for a kid to use here at Xmas. I'd pull all those FMQ stitches out of the middle and do it over if I wasn't so lazy. I love the colors, though.

Maybe some kid will take it home.

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Linda it is gorgeous!!! I'm sure you won't have much of a problem getting someone to take it home.

You are making me think again about getting a quilting system, but it will take up so much of my little sewing room.


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What kind of quilt frame? I bought a babylock Jane this summer and have enjoyed practicing with it. Got it for the larger harp, but haven't actually quilted with it yet, just pieced.

The quilt is beautiful! I'd take it home ;-)

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The quilt is beautiful, I doubt it will have a hard time finding a home!

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Pretty quilt ~ wash it ~ give it away ~ and don't look back ~ except to admire how pretty it is! :)

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I would take it home in a minute. It's awfully pretty and I agree with Marsha. Wash it, give it away to charity or to a child and don't look back.

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Beautiful quilt! Reminds me of Christmas candy. I bet one of those kids will love it!


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Linda, it is beautiful and someone will love it! (me, me, me - but I think I am far down the list!!!) :)

I can imagine that it might be fun to see how far you have progressed since you first got your quilting frame.


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Oh, yes, indeed that is a beautiful Christmas Quilt, Linda! And yes,Kate, the big red and white blocks remind me of wrapped peppermint candy that I always have around at Chrismas. I love that block. It amazes me that there are so many combinations of simple squares and half square triangles.

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