French Doors for closet?

danieleiseMay 21, 2007

Has anyone ever tried to use french doors with frosted glass for a wide closet door?

My wife and I are trying to decide what to do with a wide (roughly 5 feet) closet in our hallway and we would prefer to do something a little diff't - we hate sliding doors and don't much really like bifolds either and don't have room for pockets. We may just do two extra wide six panel doors, but we also have been toying with the idea of using french doors with frosted glass as an alternative. Not sure if this would work too well, however, since there wouldn't be any light coming from the closet through the frosted glass.

Any thoughts?

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Here is an interesting idea for a Faux French Door on a closet using mirrors from BHG:

hth, VW

Faux French closet door

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I've never seen it but it sounds like a good idea if you have the room for them to open. I like the mirror option but the frosted also sounds nice. You'll have a light in the closet, right? If you're 'showing' the house you can always turn the light on to show off the frosted doors.

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Ikea has some wardrobe systems that use frosted doors. Go to and look up their 'HOPEN' wardrobe, and you'll be able to see what frosted glass on a clothes closet looks like.

I'm planning on doing the French door closet thing myself, only with either mirrors or with clear glass with curtains behind them.

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I added french doors in place of my sliding doors on the master bedroom closet. Live in a small house and this made a huge difference in closet space, access and visual impact to the room. So much so that the other two closets are going to have the same. They were an easy install, the only additon required was special order due to size of closet openings but added cost was minimal.

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The only thing I don't like about the frosted glass is like you said, no light from the other side. Who really turns their closet lights on before guests come over, and how private is frosted glass? If a coat sleeve is up against the glass, are you going to see that from the front side?

I would probably go with the mirrors, and I think visually it will give the hallway more depth. I think it would look classy.

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Hi Danieleise,

My wife and I are redoing our kitchen right this moment so I don't have pics to show but we are doing something similar to you. We also have a 5ft closet and like you wanted something different. We've bought double french doors in natural cherry from Home Depot that we will apply a rich deep cherry stain. Each door has 15 beveled clear glass lites. On the door's interior we are hanging patterned fabric.

What I like most is because fabric is so cheap we can change the look as we please, could be based on the season and the choices are endless! The bevels add an interesting level of distortion and catch the light.

good luck with your decision

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