Sink installation is wrong!

sharonoftexasMay 21, 2011

So, I've paid the contractor mega $$$$ so far, and he's ready for the last payment, but I hesitate because the vanity sink is 1/2" crooked, but it's already glued down. Can this be fixed without ruining my sink? It's a drop in rope American Standard that I purchased from Lowe's. The solid top travertine looks great, but not this!

There are other issues too, like the bathtub faucet dripping and hardware loose, but my main concern is sink!

Please help! He wants the money this Monday, 5/23!

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Don't pay until the entire job is correct.

Document every problem---write a list, take pictures.

Hand that to him Monday. But---have another set in case.

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You should be asking the contractor about these issues. If you don't get a satisfactory response withhold enough to pay for the corrections yourself. Put it all in writing and make reference to the correction of the work clause in the contract.

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Thank you for the advice! Pics...a good idea...will do. Lists...I've made several over the past 6 weeks, and will make another. I wish I could be at home to "baby-sit" the process. Instead, I come home to surprises, some good, some not.

I won't pay until I'm satisfied, but I already know what he'll say:"Don't worry, you can't really tell that the sink is crooked. It's glued down, so nothing can be done". I know him well enough by now, so I'm pretty sure that's the answer. He already said that the towel bar and t.p. holder can't be tightened because it's not the screw in type, but the slide in type. I thought..."What"????? These items are very loose (and weren't cheap).

Can a glued down sink be reinstalled (moved to center by 1/2")???? I want to tell him that it NEEDS to be fixed. I don't want to buy another brand new sink just because his installers were in a hurry, apparently.

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If this is a drop in sink it shouldn't be glued down to the counter. The sink should be held in place with metal clips from below and the "glue" should be some form of sealant or putty that prevents water from running under the sink and into the cabinet.

I would ask the contractor where in the design documents it says the sink can be crooked and the TP holder can be loose. The GC should owe you good workmanship per the terms of the contract.

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- Self-rimming drop-in sinks with clamps.
This type sink is very common in stainless steel double sink or single sink models for kitchen use, and porcelain or stainless steel for bathroom use. Self-rimming drop-in sinks feature a "rim" or lip around the perimeter. They drop into a pre-cut hole in the counter top so that the rim rests directly on the counter top, and are fastened in place using special clamps below. CAULKING is applied around the rim to provide a water seal; or plumber's PUTTY is used under the rim.

- Self-rimming drop-in sinks without clamps.
This type sink is simply dropped into the opening so that the rim rests on the counter top; clamping underneath is not necessary. Usually porcelain or ceramic, they are held in place with a bead of CAULKING around the rim. This holds it to the counter top and provides a water seal.

Unless the specification called for some kind of epoxy adhesive (for what purpose I can't imagine) your contractor has probably used a silicone sealant and is pretending it can't be removed because he doesn't want to take the time to remove all of the residue so the new adhesive will adhere.

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