Drywall over Textured Wallpaper

artlover13060May 26, 2009

Years ago I put textured vinyl wall covering on 2 1/2 walls in my basement. About 5 years ago I painted over the vinyl with semi-gloss acrylic. The vinyl is soundly stuck to the walls with no evidence of peeling. I want to get back to a smooth surface and I am debating between trying to remove the WC or covering it with 1/4" drywall. I would appreciate advice on which would be less work. If I put up new drywall can I use adhesive?

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If you put up new drywall just screw it like you would if it was bare studs.
Then tape and mud the joints.

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Either choice is a PIA to do and will involve lots of spackle and sanding. Just covering it up will be easier though, because you're not patching a bazillion holes. And, what joed said about nailing to the studs. And, here's a bit of advice for the future: do a good job with the seams and don't texture the walls. Smooth walls and ceilings never go out of style while the fads in texture come and go.

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