How did you decide to WHERE to place your pot filler?

ironcookApril 21, 2011

oh, help...

things are progressing faster than i expected. the plumber is coming next week.

though i've looked at many photos, i'm not sure WHY people place pot fillers over the range or off to the side.

is it mainly a LOOKS thing? i'm a FUNCTION gal, so i'd appreciate your feedback.

and if you want to talk me out of one, that's fine, too. i need to know these things to make a final decision. TIA :)

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I made sure mine was in a place to be able to reach all the burners. I have a Capital range and all of the burners are the same btu*s so I might be boiling water on any of those burners.

I also went and got my largest pot (canning pot) and used that for determining the height.

I'm not going to try and talk you out of one....never.

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ohhh, thanks bee. that is very smart. the big burner is on the far side of the cooktop for us. thank you! :)

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I centered mine from right to left over the range, and determined where I thought it "looked" right in terms of height. Then I checked to make sure it didn't need adjustment to reach any burner and that it was high enough to use for my tallest pot. Mine may be set a trifle higher than some others because of what I wanted to do visually with the niche and accent tile in it. But it works fine...and the somewhat longer drop for the water is more dramatic!

I love mine too...wouldn't try to talk you out of it. One note though...mine is HEAVY. Make sure that the pipe to it is well supported in the wall.

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thanks, melissastar. good tip about the wall.

but now another help. the chicago faucets pot filler does NOT ship to CALIFORNIA. it must be an environmental standard.

any other suggestions?! it seemed like such a sturdy one for $212. :(

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guess it's okay... doesn't seem to have that limitation, unless they don't tell you until checkout.

anyone else with feedback on why you placed your pot filler where you did?

thanks. :)

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I chose not to put in a potfiller because code here dictates that any exterior wall with plumbing in it needs to be 6" deep instead of the standard 4". As I understand it, the extra 2" is to allow for extra insulation to make sure the pipes don't freeze. We couldn't afford to lose that floorspace because we are barely ekeing out enough room for adequate aisles, island seating, etc.

Additionally, it really worries me/grosses me out that you don't have a sink under that faucet to catch drippy-ness/flush the water that's been sitting in the pipes. There was a thread or two here that brought this to my attention.

The nail in the potfiller coffin was that there wasn't really room for it in our (non-) budget.

My solution was to make sure the pullout spray on my island prep sink faucet would reach across the aisle to a pot on the rangetop.

I do think potfillers are really cool looking, though.

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on the morning that the dry wall was going in on the wall with the pot filler, I was asked where it should be located so I quickly searched on GW and also did a google search on pot filler location. It's smack in the middle and about 16 inches high above the range top. Looks great, works perfect.

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I have the same pot filler as Bee and love it. The mistake we made was trying to place it on the height of the largest pot we would use, and this is for a Summer house on Cape Cod. Well, we use that pot 5 times a year for lobsters (very tall pot!) but I use the pot filler all of the time for pasta, etc., and so it's too high. We don't experience too much splashing, it just would be better if it were lower. So I would get your most commonly used pot and your highest pot and see how much they differ. If it's a lot - go with the pot you use the most.

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I was also asked to choose where the pot filler would be and this was way early on, before the walls were in and before the pot filler was here. I looked up the specs for the pot filler online, which helped me place it (also measured my biggest pot). You might also need to consider what the backsplash will be behind the range(top). If you will have decorative tile of a picture frame type setup you will want to take that into consideration. I drew mine out on graph paper (smack in the center was the best place). In the end, when the pot filler came, it was the wrong one, which I would have probably lived with if I hadn't done all of that planning (drawing). My plumber was a little miffed when I told him it was wrong and would have to go back. Took an extra 2 weeks but now it's the bling on the focal point of my new kitchen and I LOVE using it!

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my plumber sorta just installed it without asking where - and now it's 21" above the range - which is actually above my head!!!??
can this be right?
obviously im short - 5'0".... can anyone state in inches how high their is installed?

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thank you for all your posts. very helpful and interesting.


that sounds a bit high, especially for your height!

10Kdiamond stated hers is 16" above her range top.

mine will be less than 18" because i will probably put it under an upper cabinet.

please let us know what you end up doing!

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i made mine a real functional thing. i did NOT use a traditional "pot filler". I used an ladylux groh regular faucet that was located near my cooktop.

Its a regular faucet that does double duty for filling pots.

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Another thought about this thread; a cabinet designer friend in California said there's a specific height required by code. You might want to check your local code to see if that's the case where you live. :-)

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for my "too high" pot filler....
I returned the one i had because the actual spout was even higher. it got to about 3 inches higher than the wall mount hole and then with the stacked pipes that pivot out.
like this..

I got a Rohl pot filler that goes lower as it gets to the spout... so i think it'll still be high, but i should be able to deal with it.

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hi celine...

what a great solution! thanks for the update. :)


thanks for the heads up. i did call the city building department to check, and there are no restrictions, luckily.

the plumbers arrive first thing on monday... i'm probably going to go ahead and have them do it. yikes!

thanks everyone for your posts. :)

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This is my first experience with a potfiller and didn't know if I would ever use it. I find I do use it for the pasta and canning pots as well as adding water to sauce pans. I use it more than I thought I might. When the plumber asked what height to stub out the pipe, the KD suggested 12" above counter height and centered. But I chose to put it at 14" to allow for the height of the cooktop grates plus the height of my tall pots, and it turned out to be centered vertically between the counter and vent hood.

I also chose to put it centered over the left burners of the cooktop. I seem to use the left more often than the right side of the 5 burner cooktop, and it doesn't fully reach the front right burner, but that's ok with me. Another reason was aesthetics. I chose the Moen potfiller and when it is folded back against the wall, I preferred the look of it stubbed over the left vs being stubbed out centered, which when folded back, looked off balance to me.

It seems everyone has their own preferences and reasons for placement. Like most things, it's whatever works for you!

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Mine is shoehorned in between a backsplash shelf and the tallest pot. I studied the spec sheet for the filler, but not the spec sheet for the backsplash (shelf is integral) so had I not needed to crank the range legs all the way up (to avoid interference with the gas valve) the PF would have had interference to the shelf; the backsplash mounts after the range height is set. Close shave.


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Casey - I love the decorative iron work!

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