someone knocked on my door today

suz1023October 20, 2012

to ask about the neighborhood and the property across the street for sale.

i answered her questions and mentioned that my home and land was also going to be on the market in the spring.

she asked about my land and brook and things, but not about the house. i think she may be looking forward to building, at least that's the impression i got. i told her my land was subdividable which interested her.

i think i'll rebury st joseph in the front yard tomorrow just in case,

anything else i should do to pique her interest?

she asked for and i gave her my email.

that's good, right?

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If she was thinking about building across the street the news that your property could soon become a subdivision might cause her to reconsider. It would certainly affect my decision.

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On the other hand, she may decide to buy your property so that SHE controls the number of new homes built in the area. There's really no way of guessing what will be in someone else's mind. Good luck.

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