Thank you Jennifer and Beverly!

rosajoe_gwOctober 8, 2012

and everyone else that was involved in setting up and taking down so the rest of us could enjoy the retreat.


Every thing went so smoothly, it was a wonderful experience.


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I second that!

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I'll third that :-)

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Again...thank you!

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Here, here!

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You are all more than welcome!! It's a pleasure (& really not so much work) to create such a wonderful weekend for all of us!!

It was certainly a pleasure meeting new faces and spending time socializing with all of you!

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I was sooo happy to have made it another year. Neat things do happen!
My many, many thanks to everyone!

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Each retreat we have just gets better and better! Many thanks to Bev and Jen who do such great planning for us all. And a big thanks to all of you who came this year - you each made the retreat extra special!


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I agree w/everything said!! Thanks Jen & Beverly for making it so special for all of us! It was an amazing weekend & it's hard to think tomorrow goes back to my normal work schedule :( I love my 'job' - just don't want to lose that vacation feeling!! One thing WILL change --determined to keep quilting!!


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Ditto, ditto, ditto ... what a great time! Thanks again.

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I will only ask --- is it 2013 yet??????

Thank you Jen and Bev for the organizing and fun!
Thank you Marge for bringing the Stick Vac
Thank you Teresa for sharing the ride to Key West - oops I mean Camp Cheerio :~)
Thank you Linda for getting me to the airport on time.
Thank you Sue for sharing appys and a drink at the Hampton Inn
Thank you Jackie for being an Owl - and I love-love-love your sense of humor - and the magazines you shared.
And a huge Thank you to everyone for the gifts, food treats, and general good time. You made it the best - ever Girls Only Quilting Weekend!!!!

Thank you to the hubbies who provide technical assistance, and brute strength lifting and toting!

Thanks to all!

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You are all so welcome. It was very nice to see so many new faces. I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time and am already looking forward to next year. See you all soon.


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