How to buy exterior locksets w/ same key?

redvelvetpugMay 10, 2012

I'm looking for locksets for all our exterior doors (front door, side door, French patio doors). For the life of me, I can't seem to find any resources online that explain how I can purchase locksets where we can use the same key for any exterior door. Can anyone point me to a good resource, or explain here? e.g.

-Do you have to buy them all as a package together, or just the same manufacturer?

-If it's simply just a matter of buying the same manufacturer, how do you even go about getting the 'matching' locks across these different types of doors?


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I've noticed locksets with little number stickers on them to indicate they are keyed alike. They can certainly be ordered from a the manufacturer that way as well.

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Most all lock and hardware suppliers will offer keyed alike locks to you . They will not stock them all keyed alike but can easily rekey cylinders to make them all keyed alike. The main caveat being they need to be the same brand or at the very least the same type of keyway as they need to all use the same type of blank key in order to be keyed alike.

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With every house I have owned, I call a locksmith and have them rekey the house. Even if they have to replace a lockset, their installed charge is not much more than what I would pay for the locks at the box store. And I would have to install them myself.

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Buy the locks you want and take them to the locksmith to have them re-keyed BEFORE you install them. This is much less expensive than a house call for the locksmith.

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This is very helpful - thanks everyone!

One follow-up question -- we are looking for door hardware for our French patio doors. So we need a exterior/keyed entry lockset.. but we also want a door escutcheon plate so it looks more formal. Do those have to be the same brand as your lockset? Or is it completely independent of the lockset?

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completely independent

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Schlage locks with the "Rekey" feature allow you to re-key the locks yourself without having to mess with the tumblers. Also, both Home Depot and Lowes will re-key your locks before you checkout (i.e. buy 5 deadbolts and they'll get them all on the same key). Re-keying cylinders is a simple procedure.

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You would trust Lowes & HD to re-key your locks? Brave, very brave.

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Just bumping this up. We're in the same predicament, even down to the french doors. Is there any particular brand of lock or type of lock (beyond exterior) that you would recommend? Also, one of the doors is a Bilco door. Does that require a special lock?

Can we buy them at the Home Depot and have them rekeyed at the locksmith? Or do you feel those locks are inferior? If so, where would you recommend that we buy them? As you can see, I know nothing about locks.

Thank you very much!

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Most of the manufacturers make locks in several levels of security. Frankly, I don't think it makes that much of a difference as long as you're not buying the cheapest lock on the shelf. Most thieves by nature are lazy and aren't going to learn how to pick a lock or try to drill one out. They're going to kick the door or break a window.

I believe some (maybe all) Home Depots will re-key locks purchased in the store. Why that would worry anyone is beyond me. The lock either works or it doesn't. Just stick the key in and turn the cylinder before leaving the store.

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What mike said, and yes Bilco doors require a lock maybe especially from Bilco and should be available at your local lumberyard. These are a different type of lock and you will not be able to key or have this type lock keyed the same as your entry doors.

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